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Challenging the mainstream with Etan Ilfeld.
2021 Jun 3047m 25s
Taking the red pill with Etan Ilfeld. How not to be brainwashed by the mainstream.
Addiction: The pandemic within the pandemic.
2021 May 2143m 41s
Addiction: The pandemic within the pandemic. How to plan financially for the impact of recovery with Sharon and Michael Lewis, a cultural strategist and financial advisor duo.
Sex is too important to leave in the hands of pornographers.
2021 Apr 2249m 27s
"Sex is too important to leave in the hands of pornographers."
Unleash your true self. The power of non-linear thinking.
2021 Mar 2448m 7s
In this episode we are speaking with the ‘NON-LINEAR HUMAN’, husband, dad, venture capitalist, coach and chief of staff Alex Dunsdon.
Buy less but better. Blind consumerism is vandalism.
2021 Feb 1749m 56s
Today we are speaking with the ‘OUTLIER’, third culture kid, innovator, conscious consumer, and founder of Buy Less But Better, Alex Rückheim.
Find your purpose. How to survive and strive for a better world.
2021 Jan 0755m 55s
In this episode, we are speaking with the ‘REBEL’, entrepreneur, neuroscientist and author of The Purpose Myth Charlotte Cramer in Lisbon.
Data odysseys, possibility engines, and preparing for life in space.
2020 Dec 0248m 7s
We talk to the Outlier, globe trotting creative turned data scientist, Nicholas Kuhne from Kuala Lumpur.
Faster Ideas: Be a sponge. Seek feedback. Make your ideas stronger.
2020 Oct 2938m 13s
In this episode, we talk to 'the ‘MISFIT’, comedy writer, artist, creative director, filmmaker and host of LGBTQ+ podcast Outvertising, Joanne Oatts.
The importance misfits in business, butterflies, and forest bathing.
2020 Sep 1852m 46s
In this episode, we talk to 'experiential storyteller', magician and misfit Jeffrey Abramson. ⁠
Collaborative Resilience. The importance of community in times of crisis.
2020 Aug 2544m 12s
This is the second episode of The Sense Network - Extreme Perspectives podcast with 'The New Kid' Koert Bakker.