Finding Your Alchemy presents: YOU ARE PSYCHIC — Tarot as a Tool for Transformation
  • Sarah Ann
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Learn tarot. Get psychic. Change your life. ✨Find your alchemy along the way. ✨ . Tarot is a coping mechanism (mental illness, pain, grief), a psychic communication tool (YOU ARE PSYCHIC), and a magical companion (for life and death and all of the in-betweens). . Finding Your Alchemy creator Sarah Ann (they/them, your podcast host, psychic queer ill gem of a human) explains the tarot cards from a lens of love and community care. . Let’s transform and change the world, shall we? . Sarah Ann (they/them) @findingyouralchemy . Unceded Clackamas and Cowlitz Land Portland, OR, USA


3 of Pentacles — What are your resources?
2021 May 071h 7s
Hey hi hey hello! Sarah Ann checks in with the current energies, how their life is going, and the tarot card of the week — the ✨3 of Pentacles✨ (Coins).
The World — Compassion and Change — you are worth protecting
2021 Apr 2336m 23s
Content warning: mentions of substance use and abuse, poverty, violence
Akashic Record Reading - Sitting on the Edge of the Cliff
2021 Mar 0723m 30s
Sarah Ann dives into their Akashic Records, asking their akashic team what we as a collective need to know at this time.
Virgo Full Moon - Making the Choice to Care for Yourself First
2021 Feb 2628m 43s
Sarah Ann and their spiritual team reflect on the full moon in Virgo and the energy of the week.
How to Find Yourself When You Feel Lost
2021 Feb 2024m 34s
Sarah Ann and their spiritual team reflect on being gentle with ourselves as we explore boundaries, authenticity, and expression.
Self-care is hard! Tending to your Tenderness
2021 Feb 1439m 57s
Sarah Ann and their spiritual team reflect on self-care, tenderness, and change.
The Uncertain and The Tender
2021 Feb 0525m 26s
Sarah Ann and their spiritual team dive into exploring uncertainty and feeling lost.
Remembering Your Heart - Tarot Guidance for the Week Ahead
2021 Jan 2932m 22s
Welcome to the Finding Your Alchemy weekly tarot guidance episode - for connecting with your power, your magic, and your pleasure. Your host Sarah Ann (the psychic witch) connects with their spiritual team and their tarot deck to illuminate your week ahead. This week we our guided to acknowledge the work we have done to get where we are, and to look ahead to actionable steps we can take in caring for our hearts and our alchemy. ~ Support the Finding Your Alchemy podcast on Patreon: ~
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