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We're two friends that have known each other for 23 years and disagree on pretty much everything lol. We’re going to be exploring a plethora of subjects such as Cults, Content Creation, Diversity, Real Estate, Nerd Culture and MUCH more with a WIDE variety experts. We will be having blunt (but fun) talks on our duo episodes where we will explore questions like "How far would you go to help a friend?", "Is it ever okay to kill someone?", and "Why do we laugh at different things?".We want to learn, laugh, and have our world view expanded. We hope you join us on our journey!


What Would You Do For A Friend?
2021 Jul 0644m 6s
On our first Duo podcast we review our experience talking with our first guest Martina as well ask the question "What would you do for a friend?". Would you rob a store, kill someone, sell drugs? Let us know how far you would be willing to go in the comments as well.   We give you an overview of our ideas for future podcasts and would love to hear your opinions on what direction the podcast should go.
Martina from Eat Your Kimchi / Simon and Martina / Eat Your Sushi / King Kogi
2021 May 171h 41m 42s
Nate and Scott's very first guest on Negative Pressure Podcast is Martina from Eat Your Kimchi and King Kogi. We discuss everything from her social movement #BuildALadder to her time in Korea and Japan. She speaks publicly for the first time on what happened with her cafe that she opened in Korea. She also discusses what is in store for King Kogi and where the name comes from. We also talk over the difficulties of content creation in Japan and Korea as well as creator burnout. Martina explains that though it may seem like Kpop Music Mondays is what started EatYourKimchi picking up steam, but it was actually things she was doing behind the scenes. We talk about a lot of other topics as well. We hope you enjoy our talk with Martina as much as we did! Make sure to Follow Us for future podcasts!
Teaser: Martina from Eat Your Kimchi & King Kogi talks BTS & their influence on Korea
2021 May 132m 46s
Martina from Simon and Martina and her new project King Kogi gives us some insight into how BTS played a big role in Korea starting to open up to Kpop Idols and Actors being more "real" instead of having such a controlled image. In our full podcast we talk about how to #buildaladder, what happened with their cafe, what filming with 런닝맨 RunningMan was like, and MUCH more. Make sure to Subscribe for the full conversation which will be released on Monday May 17th.