• Gregory Hart
15 episodes
This is a straight forward no B.S podcast, where we try to combine the gathering of information with comedy!!


Ep.15 W/ Kevin Cooneyy - "Good Morning You Bad Beautiful B*tches You!"
2021 Aug 0346m 51s
GOOD MORNING, on this episode I get amped up on the unbelievable energy that Kevin puts off! We talk about his extreme success on TikTok and how he has used that success to create a successful coffee brand called "Dangerously Caffeinated" watch the episode to find out more!!
Ep.14 W/ Gregory Hart - The Final At Bat - Saying Goodbye To Your Best Friend Part 2
2021 Jul 2029m 17s
On this episode of the Heart2HartPodcast I finish telling the story about the loss of my dad. Definitely not an easy thing to do but I truly hope someone can relate and it helps them push through there difficult times. I hope you enjoy!
Ep.13 W/ Gregory Hart - The Final At Bat - Saying Goodbye To Your Best Friend Part 1
2021 Jul 0624m 59s
On this episode of the podcast I sat down and walked thought all of the struggles my family went through with the loss of my dad Jimmy Hart! I talk about the ups the downs and the final goodbye, It was very difficult to record but I believe I am stronger now because of it, I hope this gives some people something to relate to and opens them up to talk about there tragedies and to not just keep them in! Love you Dad
Ep.12 W/ Jessica Agnew - LIFE AS A SOCIAL WORKER!
2021 Jun 2253m 53s
On this weeks episode of H2H I was lucky enough to have an amazing and insightful discussion with Jessica Agnew about her life as a Social Worker and the ups and downs that come with it! I was blown away with the information I had the chance to find out!!! There is a lot of services out there for those that need help, regardless if its with substance abuse or your mental help. There is always someone that is willing to help you!
Ep.11 W/ Andrew Murray - Molding Achievers - LIFE AS A LIFE COACH
2021 Jun 0840m 46s
What is a life coach? On this weeks episode I got to chat with a good friend of mine - Andrew Murray, Andrew has spent the past few years taking courses and is now a certified LIFE COACH. Trust me if anyone was skeptical about this it was me. But after having an hour conversation I can without a doubt see how he could help push you to achieve your goals. Not only in just helping with staying organized and learning have to manage your time and your expectations but with setting proper goals based on the individual. You want happiness and success but don't know how to get there or need a little direction to the right path, Andrew is your guy.
Ep.10 W/ The Laughing Couple Podcast - Britt & Ryan Ostofe - Managing Success and Children!
2021 May 251h 57s
On this weeks episode I had the extreme honor of chatting with the #1 podcast couple in Canada Brittany and Ryan Ostofe!!! We got into what it takes to manage all there social media pages, record a successful weekly podcast and juggle work all while raising 2 young children!! Available everywhere you get your favorite podcasts!
Ep.9 W/ Aaron Whitefield - JOURNEY TO THE MAJORS!
2021 May 111h 5m 6s
On this weeks episode I had the extreme pleasure of talking with Aaron Whitefield of the Minnesota Twins!! We spoke about how he went from an all-star softball player in Australia to a lights out hard ball player in the USA!
Ep.8 W/ Savanna Todd - The Little Moments Event Planning!
2021 Apr 2745m 36s
On this weeks episode I had the pleasure of speaking with Savanna Todd who runs the small business "the little moments" we spoke about how she juggles having two children under the age of three while running a small business during a pandemic!
Ep.7 W/ Ryan Yantz - Syco Life Co. - Helping Kids Play Sports!
2021 Apr 1348m 35s
On this week's episode I was able to sit down with the founder of Syco Life Co. A company that makes custom apparel for sports teams and company's but also donates a percentage of the profits to help kids who cannot afford to play sports!
Ep.6 W/ Doug Bennett - Buying A Car
2021 Mar 3059m 40s
On this weeks episode I had the pleasure of speaking with Doug Bennett, Doug has worked for an automotive dealership in a local town called John Bear for quite some time and knows the in's and out's of buying and financing a vehicle. We also spoke about his beautiful new home and amazing Camaro ZL1.