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The Spotlight Hour Podcast is about 3 things; culture, current events, and everyday life. This is very much a podcast that spends more time looking at the roses in the concrete, than the concrete itself. Our conversations span from meaningful to meaningless, controversial, and mellow. We are a group of friends at different stages and locations in life, who believe both global and trending conversations need our voices as young people. I guess you can say were aiming the spotlight of this platform at issues and conversations we feel are important to us, and for young people as a whole.


Unpopular Opinions #1 Lack of Creativity in Anime
2021 May 2459m 42s
Finding out our favorite anime is copied and pasted, and having an unpopular opinion about it.
Should Friendship Dates be a Thing?
2021 May 0255m 47s
Hey y’all! So today we discuss going on platonic dates and if it helps or holds back with real relationships. Does it create feelings that leave a person feeling lead on? And of course all the off topic conversations! Enjoy!
What Do First Generation Haitian'Z Think about Haiti?
2021 Apr 1137m 38s
Here the group begins by taking a look at a recent news headline regarding a Haitian pastor and his congregation during their live service. The episode also covered these topics:
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