Health Redefined
  • Anahid Pourtousi and Ava Pourtousi
2 episodes
We are two undergraduate students in a medical science program, passionate about all things preventative medicine. We are in much more control of our bodies and health than what has been believed, and we’re here to demonstrate that to you. Every episode we will discuss prevention of diseases, and present specific research findings to help you gain your power back. Insert cheesy but effective quote here: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of a cure”.


Leafy Green Snacks and Amyloid Plaques
2021 May 0716m 3s
In episode 1 we take on Alzheimer's Disease. We dive into the genes that come into play as well as how lifestyle choices can help prevent the disease and treating some of its symptoms.  References:
Trailer Episode
2021 May 069m 26s
Welcome to Health Redefined! Your way of not only learning all the ins and outs of diseases but also how you can prevent and treat them in your everyday life. Join us for Episode 1 of Season 1!