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I'm Rise with Reb and in the last year I've gone from wheelchair to walking, from unemployed and chronically ill for 5 years to recovering and starting my own business. But I'm only one story, so I wanted to share the Comeback stories of these incredible people to inspire you and show you what's possible when you don't give up.


E4 - Nikcollette
2021 May 011h 15m 40s
If you love the laws of the universe and the law of attraction (because that seems to be the widest known law) this episode if for you. Today I speak to Nik from the Nurturing Nook. Nik share's her story, which is the biggest adventure! Not only of how she became a meditation teacher, a light healer, a mindset coach and so much more, but in fact her own story of transformation and growth into the woman she is today. This set her on the path she's on now on which she is the light to so many women from her clients to her followers and a huge one to me. She was one of the first accounts I found after I watched the secret and she's been schooling be ever since with her content. She doesn't do it like anyone else, she takes no BS and she gets results.
E3 - Eboni Lacey
2021 Apr 2251m 55s
I found Eboni the CEO of self-love brand The Identity of She on Instagram when I happened across her brand and the amazing things it's doing to help you love yourself. She's going to chat about her issue with diet culture and self-confidence today but what attracted me to her was that I saw she was on a weight loss journey too yet she runs a body positive business which she is front and centre of. This meant we got to chat about the argument of weightloss vs body positivity and if the two are a contradiction or can happily co-exist. This isn't a popular debate because not many people, especially from the bopo community are willing to consider that weight loss can be necessary and when it is it has nothing to do with how much we love or accept our bodies.
E2 - Leslie-Ann Watson
2021 Apr 171h 4m 53s
Les and I connected on Instagram and we hit it off from the get go. Les is the Queen of affirmations and for good reason because they changed her life. She struggled with low self esteem, an eating disorder, burying her feelings in going out and ignoring the grief she was suffering by working herself to the bone. Out of that work ethic has come her successful business but in healing she has found her purpose, helping others do the same through her course launching next month!!
E1 - Erika Sandor-Zur
2021 Apr 081h 3m 38s
Erika was a homeless drug addict at the height of her illness. She had lost her kids and was consumed by her addiction doing things that no person would do unless under the influence of this terrible disease. But as Erika says no matter how far down we go we can always recover and that's what she did to the extreme! Landing herself on the US Pro Tennis Tour at the age of 42. This is her story.
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