New World Normal
  • New World Normal
13 episodes
A weekly recap of world events featuring Vikki Lampton & Greg Hoy. Try and keep up, 'kay? Featuring the 5 for 5.


NWN Ep 13 Women of the World Take Over
2021 Jul 3136m 9s
Vikki & Greg talk COVID masturbation, climate economics, jerkin' it and workin' it, workplace bathroom etiquette
NWN Ep 12 UniseXXXy Body Armor Water Scarcity
2021 Jul 2436m 25s
Vikki & Greg talk goats, military clothes for different bodies, water scarcity, dating, thievery, billionaire taxes
NWN Ep 11 Too Much Booze Hot Air Balloons Bad Parenting
2021 Jul 1636m 32s
Vikki & Greg chat on 5 signs of over-drinking, cannibalism, death by hot air balloon, and tastiest body parts
NWN Ep 10 Swingers NYPD Beekeepers Mask Debaters
2021 Jul 0935m 48s
Vikki & Greg talk swingers NYPD beekeepers mask debaters drugs AI submarines
NWN Ep 9 Cows Gone Wild Billionaire Missile Rockets
2021 Jul 0235m 57s
Vikki & Greg talk Richard Branson, cows gone wild, McDonald's dippin' sauces and billionaire boys clubs
NWN Ep 8 Elvis UFOs Free Britney
2021 Jun 2536m 11s
Vikki & Greg talk Elvis, UFOs, attacking grasshoppers, and FREE BRITNEY!
NWN Ep 7 Mask Debating Victoria's Secrets
2021 Jun 1835m 53s
Vikki & Greg talk late night post office hi-jinx, Victoria's new Secrets, home ownership, and mask debates
NWN Ep 6 Horny Cicadas Olympians
2021 Jun 1236m 7s
Vikki & Greg talk jabs for joints, 160,000 condoms, having a bad day, library books
NWN Ep 5 Drones The Singularity Burning Man
2021 Jun 0432m 59s
Vikki & Greg talk blimps, K-holes, raves, drones, the singularity, Burning Man
NWN Ep 4 Lottery Mice Darth Vader
2021 May 2835m 49s
Vikki & Greg talk mouse infestations, Australia, Vax-a-Million, Krispy Kreme, following rules