Movies with Matar
  • Matar Thulatif
43 episodes
weekly podcast wherein we, matar, either watch a movie and rant about it seconds after we watch it or we talk you through writing our own movie it's loads of fun


Once Upon a time in Movies with Matar
2020 Jan 041h 19m 58s
we're still relevant
Movies with Matar: CATS
2020 Jan 0458m 39s
we watched cats
Movies with Matar: Star Wars: aTROSity
2020 Jan 041h 14m 21s
#StarWars #TheRiseOfSkywalker
Neuroscience in Movies
2019 Sep 101h 14m 38s
whoa what a brainy episode
Lion Shah
2019 Sep 021h
shah is another word for king im pretty sure
Comfortably Awkward: Kinda Retrospective ft. Jayce
2019 Sep 011h 32m 44s
in our last physically live episode of Movies with Matar's sub show: Comfortably Awkward we talk into a microphone.
Movies with Matar: Harry Potter and the Second Amendment
2019 Aug 071h 17m 10s
imagine this: Battle of Hogwarts but with M1 Garands. Voldemort would be brap brap brapped out of existence
Movies with Matar: The True Man Show
2019 Jul 311h 29m 38s
hello movies with matarians
Movies with Matar: Day Before Today
2019 Jul 241h 18m 54s
We watched Yesterday!!!! and it was booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooring. Eleanor Rigby would be sad. That's a bit harsh but it's the truth. I'm not a coward.
Movies with Matar: Half Summer
2019 Jul 151h 26m 54s
we're going on a drug filled euro trip this podcast so load up on your psilocybins and scopalomine