Off the Wall History
  • Maddie Hodson
14 episodes
Are you a history geek who also loves a good laugh? Do you want to know more about the history of humanity but hate the snooze fest that history class can be? Well, prepare to hear history as you’ve never heard it before. Join Maddie Hodson weekly as she relays some of the most bizarre and hilarious actions committed by our favorite historical characters. Each episode will leave you with a chuckle or a scoff and a nugget of information I bet you didn’t know. So, take a lesson from the past and learn to laugh.


Episode 14: If You Give a Baker Some Whiskey
2021 Aug 018m 45s
Charles Joughin was one cool baker who loved his whiskey. A vice that just might have saved his life.
Episode 13: Curious George Escapes the Nazis
2021 Jul 258m 20s
You've probably heard a Curious George story a time or two. But do you know the history of Curious George? It might surprise you.
Episode 12: Al Capone the Humanitarian
2021 Jul 188m 59s
Al Capone was known for many things, his humanitarian work is not one of them. History may have forgotten his good deeds but I'd like to shed some light on them once more.
Episode 11: Woman Can
2021 Jul 119m 1s
History loves strong female leads just as much as fiction. The Van Buren sister's incredible journey not only proved a point and captured a nation but also inspired young women for many generations to come.
Episode 10: Aliens of course
2021 Jul 048m 41s
What do King Tut and outer space have in common? More than you might know. Most have heard the history of King Tut's tomb, but how much do you know about his dagger?
Episode 9: Everybody Talks
2021 Jun 279m 55s
The history of the small English village of Almondsbury has been a quiet one. That is until an exotic stranger showed up one day and got everyone talking.
Episode 8: Stagecoach Mary
2021 Jun 207m 39s
Mary was emancipated after the Civil War and became a fearsome yet beloved gunfighter on the wild west frontier. Her history is the stuff of legends.
Episode 7: Play the Fool
2021 Jun 137m 56s
Who is history's favorite funny guys? Court jesters of course. Triboulet's wit was just enough to get him in (and maybe out) of some serious trouble.
Episode 6: Operation Exceed Expectations
2021 Jun 067m 49s
History shows us that things don't always go as planned. For example, rocket scientists planned that the first artificial object launched into space would be a rocket. But that is not how history would have it.
Episode 5: Tactful Polly
2021 May 3011m 24s
The history of Polly Baker and how her sharp words helped shape the conversation of women's rights.