• Almas Virani
1 episode
Writer, Coach, Podcaster, and Changemaker Almas invites you to tune into Unplugged with Al, a show where she has raw, unfiltered, authentic conversations full of light. The podcast has a combo of episodes from solo talks, to interviews to poems and storytelling. Each episode has been curated organically and includes a variety of topics from fashion, beauty, food, hobbies, nature, science, psychology, ideologies, humour and funny memories. You can follow Almas' show 'Beyond Cliche' here: https://ivmpodcasts.com/beyond-cliche-episode-list


Unplugged With Al : Trailer
2021 Feb 281m 42s
Welcome to the new show where our host Almas Virani talks to people about ways of unplugging!
More episodes may be available on the podcast’s website.