Fully Biased Powerlifting with Chance Mitchell
  • Chance Mitchell
4 episodes
93kg Lifter and Coach, Chance Mitchell gives hot takes, technique, periodization, and all things powerlifting.


Alberto Nuñez (Team 3DMJ)
2021 Jun 241h 29m 39s
In this episode Berto and I speak on the ever expanding scene of Natural bodybuilding and Powerlifitng.
Steve Denovi (PRs Performance)
2021 Jun 051h 44m 36s
Artificial strength ceiling. Masking performance with training stress? Or are you forcing a new ceiling with supplemental stimulus?
Panagiotis Tarinidis ( French IPF 66kg)
2021 May 271h 30m 16s
Pana and I discuss water cutting strategies, making progress as a high level drug free lifter, advancing the meta, "maxing out" multiple times per week, top sets, skill practice vs. strength, women's lifting, IPF, Lightning Round Heat.
William Valle (The Tier List Review)
2021 May 141h 47m 21s
In this first episode of the podcast I sit down and discuss the VERY contested Tier List that I made a couple months ago. William Valle 93/105kg Lifter and (Coach at #FlexxTrainingSystems) and I break it all down and decide which movements are worth your time and which ones belong in the trash. We also discuss the state of Powerlifting in 2021 POST COVID and quarantine. #FullyBiasedPodcast
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