Into the Action
  • Nicky Hajal
10 episodes
How Creators Create


ITA010: Jonathan Mead: Move While You Work, Feel Great in Your Body
2015 Feb 2550m 8s
If youre hunched over your computer with a constant tension tingling down your back... this episode is for you.
ITA009: Srini Rao: Byproducts of Curiosity
2015 Feb 1049m 53s
Srini Rao is the unmistakable host of the Unmistakable Creative Podcast.
ITA008: Pam Slim – Collaboration Leads to Flow
2015 Jan 2758m 30s
Ive admired Pam Slim since the very first time I heard her speak at the World Domination Summit in 2011.
ITA007: Shenee Howard – Step 1: Know Who You Are
2015 Jan 2054m 51s
Last year Shenee Howard took the stage at Pioneer Nation and blew me away with her liveliness, out-of-the-box ideas and most of all her determination to take action. Thats why Im so excited to have her on Into the Action.
ITA006: Laura Roeder – The System Allows the Magic
2015 Jan 1351m 54s
There are a few parts of business that simply feel like magic to me. Can you guess what they are?
ITA005: Chris Guillebeau – The Space Between Values and Outcomes
2015 Jan 0642m 57s
In this episode we talk with author, world-traveler, event-creator, entrepreneur and more, Chris Guillebeau.
ITA004: Peter Shallard – Climb the Mountain of Flow
2014 Dec 301h 9m
At then end of the day, productivity all comes down to psychology. So how does a psychotherapist work? What about a psychotherapist entrepreneur?
ITA003: Nathan Barry – Teach and Tell Stories
2014 Dec 2351m 11s
Nathan is a designer and developer who grew a following when he started teaching everything he knows. He’s released 2 successful courses on design, a book called Authority and is currently building a tool to help authors with their e-mail marketing called ConvertKit.
ITA002: James Clear – Manage Your Energy Not Your Time
2014 Dec 161h 5m 53s
James Clear is an entrepreneur, writer, weight-lifter and travel photographer whose captured photos in over 20 countries.
ITA001: Jenny Blake – Hanging Out with the Gremlins
2014 Dec 0751h 56m
For our first episode of Into the Action we had on the incredible Jenny Blake!
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