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Jason Goes Deep


Episode 6: Bailey Parnell
2021 Jan 2243m 13s
Link to Bailey's Ted Talk: https://youtu.be/Czg_9C7gw0o
Episode 5: Tim Sly
2020 Nov 1251m 13s
Dr. Tim Sly holds qualifications in public health from the United Kingdom and Canada, and worked in the public health field for 14 years before joining the teaching staff at Ryerson in 1982. His recent and current research involvement is with diseases such as SARS and Avian influenza, as well as pandemic planning.
Episode 4: Eknoor Singh
2020 Sep 0726m 45s
Eknoor Singh is a 2nd year Biomedical Engineering student at the University of Waterloo.
Episode 3: Margo MacDonald
2019 Oct 1143m 42s
Margo MacDonald is a tour guide for The Haunted Walk, where she tells spine-tingling ghost stories from the earliest days of Toronto.
Episode 2: Martin Maxwell
2019 Sep 0855m 29s
Martin Maxwell is a 95-year-old World War Two Veteran as well as a Holocaust survivor. His life was changed forever when Hitler's Nazi regime began to take control over his hometown of Vienna, Austria.
Episode 1: Alan Tang
2019 Aug 0757m 52s
Alan Tang has been a high school teacher for the past decade. He gives us some insight as to his experiences & viewpoints as such.
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