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Tea-Total: How do you like it? Hosted by four women of colour, we wanted to create a podcast steeped with knowledge, that brews discussion, and tastes different. We want to delve into our personal relationships with tea as well as the rich history and culture surrounding the beverage across the globe throughout the millennia. Armed with tea related puns and an open mind, we are able to cover every topic imaginable from relationships to colonial history. We truly believe a good cuppa is a is a vehicle for change and something that unites us all.


Bonus Mini-Episode! On Nigerian Culture and Tea - Ft. Gift's Mum!
2021 May 067m 35s
A mini-episode this time as we are all busy freelancers!
Ep 2: Rituali-Tea! Five Cultures, One Cup of Tea
2021 Apr 211h 16s
Your British/Nigerian/Hong Konger/Jordanian/Jamaican-English hosts chat about our personal and cultural rituals with tea! We discuss the where, when and why we have tea.
Ep 1: Virgini-Tea! Our First Time With Tea...
2021 Apr 0756m 52s
Welcome to our pilot episode! We discuss our first experiences with tea and what led us to our first cup. Was it integrated into your life from the beginning or is it a fairly new thing for you?
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