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  • Tobi Ash
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EMES Talk Radio is a nurse-led podcast recorded from our live, interactive hotline, focused on debunking healthcare myths and providing accurate and reliable healthcare information for Orthodox Jewish families. www.emesinitiative.org


COVID-19 Vaccine Updates: What's going on?
2021 Apr 1644m 41s
Join the EMES team with Blima, Tami, and Tobi with special guest, Erica DeWald of Vaccine Your Family as we discuss the recent news about the Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca vaccines.
Freedom, Yiddishkeit, and Public Health
2021 Mar 1950m 21s
Join Tami and Blima and our special guest, Dr. Moshe Cohn, a pediatrician who focuses on critical and palliative care, in a lively discussion over personal rights, Torah obligations, and public health behaviors, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Vaccine Injuries: What's the deal? Are they real?
2021 Mar 1451m 22s
Join Tobi Ash, Blima Marcus, and special guest Melody Anne Butler, Founding Executive Director, and President of Nurses Who Vaccinate as we discuss vaccine injuries. Learn what a vaccine injury is, who is more at risk, and which vaccines are contraindicated for certain sensitive individuals.
COVID-19 Treatments
2021 Mar 0856m 6s
A discussion of COVID-19 treatments and a sad story of a patient of Blima Marcus as the pandemic began.
What's in Vaccines?
2021 Feb 2152m 10s
We get lots of questions on vaccine ingredients. Join our live conference call, recorded for this podcast, and learn about antigens, adjuvants, stabilizers, and antibiotics. You'll also hear listener questions about the use of aborted fetal cells and a little bit on shedding. Our bonus debunk question asks: "Is COVID-19 like the flu?".
All about Toxins: A Toxic Word
2021 Feb 1545m 39s
Join Tobi Ash, Tami Frenkel, and Blima Marcus discuss toxins. We discuss:
Premiere Episode
2021 Feb 1145m 17s
Meet the nurses of the EMES Team: Tobi Ash, Tami Frenkel, and Blima Marcus
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