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Welcome to the official podcast of the Milwaukee Monsters! We talk about the Overwatch League, and the general Overwatch community! Join our discord server at


Break Week 1: Mayhem in the May Melee?
2020 May 2958m 54s
On this episode, we recap the ENTIRE May Melee Tournament, talk about how the Los Angeles Valiant can improve even further, and get ready for one of the greatest games in Overwatch history
Week 16: May Madness
2020 May 2234m 30s
In this short episode, we go in depth in a preview of the upcoming May Melee tournament, and talk about the future of the OWL
Week 15: Houston OutLULs?
2020 May 141h 5m 15s
After another hectic week of online play, we resume our quest to discuss the overwatch league with what was a spectacular showcase of skill from our teams. On this episode, we talk about if the London Spitfire are truly a contender, if Boston Uprising can leave the contenders tier, and how the Houston Outlaws can improve.
Week 14: The Vancouver Implosion
2020 May 0852m 19s
On an eventful week of Overwatch League, we talk about the Seoul Dynasty's shocking performance, if the San Francisco Shock have climbed back into top tier, and how the Vancouver Titans are bursting at the seams.
Week 13: Goodbye to the GOAT
2020 May 011h 1m 29s
On this somber episode of the podcast, we talk about a certain players "shocking" retirement, we go back to the good old days of Seoul Dynasty, and we talk about how the Titans reclaim the throne at the top of the league.
Bonus: The Overwatch League Draft
2020 Apr 2328m 21s
We did a draft for the best contenders players! Find out who your team picks! We take a deep look at tier 2 players and give teams new additions!
Week 12: Asia is stacked
2020 Apr 2355m 29s
On this episode, we talk about how the Asia region is STILL a toss-up, what Mayhem fans can expect after a massive upset win, and if the NYXL are ready for the challenge of the Asian group.
Week 11: The Battle of the Zhous
2020 Apr 161h 5m 28s
After a crazy week of Overwatch League, we go on to discuss the Vancouver Titans shocking back-to-back losses, how the Washington Justice escape the bottom tier, and we try to answer the age old question: Hangzhou or Guangzhou?
Week 10: Dallas Running out of Fuel?
2020 Apr 1053m 9s
We go look through what will be a spectacular week of Overwatch League. We talk about if the Guangzhou Charge are really competitors in a cutthroat division, how the Dallas Fuel can improve and get their season back on track, and how the Philadelphia Fusion are in for a wild ride this weekend.
Week 9: San Francisco in Shock?
2020 Apr 031h 2m 18s
We recap an eventful week. This includes us talking about how the Pacific East division is a clown fiesta, the Paris Eternal's shocking news, and how the San Francisco Shock can return their levels of success. Join our discord server at
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