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Welcome to the Intuitive Eating & Body Positivity Podcast with Terri Pugh, a space for you to find out more about Intuitive Eating, learn how to ditch the diets for good and improve your body confidence. We're talking about Intuitive Eating, body positivity, Health At Every Size, and why everyone should be ditching dieting for good in order to improve our relationships with food. Join the conversation in the Facebook group: Follow on Instagram Get updates straight into your inbox each week


16. Can you trust a personal trainer to give you nutritional advice?
2021 Jul 3131m 17s
You should be aware that not everyone you are getting nutrition information from is qualified to give that. So this week I'm answering questions like:
15. Social media - the good, the bad, and the ugly
2021 Jul 2443m 17s
Social media can be a fabulous, supportive place to be, or it can be a really negative place to be. After taking some criticism for a video that I posted on tiktok I'm talking about what we assume of people by looking at them, what our weight on the scales, our diet, our genes, and calorie counting all really mean for our health. I'm also talking about a video that I saw on social media that really pulled at my heartstrings. This week I'm answering a listener question - what's the difference between mindful eating and intuitive eating, or are they the same? Join our weekly group coaching sessions:
14. Movement not exercise
2021 Jul 1822m 21s
Do you exercise and love it, or struggle to find the will to get up and do it? Do you feel excited to do the activity, or feel fear and anxiety?  Do you exercise somewhere you love and feel safe, or somewhere you feel you are constantly being watched?Do you do it because you want to, or because you feel you should?
13. I miss skinny me
2021 Jul 1019m 57s
Just because I'm an intuitive eater and an Intuitive Eating counsellor, it doesn't mean I can't miss the old me. I do miss skinny me, but somehow I'm so much happier now. Here I talk about how it feels, what I miss about being smaller, but what I have and haven't got in my life now that I have made peace with food and my body.
12. How dieting screwed up my childhood love of muesli
2021 Jul 0325m 20s
This week I had a few food revelations. I ordered a jacket potato and I enjoyed it, I found a new love for gnocchi, and my love of muesli is well and truly over. Plus, what's the deal with 'what I eat in a day' and meal plan social media posts?
11. Interrupting the weekly schedule to share something with you
2021 Jul 027m 40s
I'm interrupting the usual weekly posting to bring you this episode about weekly coaching. I have a brand new weekly coaching membership, Intuitively You, which brings you so much more than your slimming club or social media influencer can.
10. Shannon Western - Endometriosis. Do the endo diets work?
2021 Jun 2638m 28s
This week Shannon Western (of Shannon Western Nutrition) joins me to talk about endometriosis.  We talk about what endometriosis is, whether weight loss can help it (hint, not really!), how Shannon approaches it in her clinic, how nutrition can help endometriosis, and whether the endo diets online can help or not.
9. Shaina Gadow - Learning how to love yourself
2021 Jun 1945m 27s
In this episode I'm chatting with Shaina Gadow.  Shaina is a Wild Woman Activator and healer, helping women to shed perfectionism, self-sacrifice, self-doubt, and limiting beliefs, so they can awaken to their own magnificence, embrace their authentic truth, and be guided by their own sacred heart and intuition.
8. Are you making food too exciting?
2021 Jun 1323m 48s
Are you making food too exciting? And by that, I mean, Are you putting foods up onto a pedestal so that they are the most exciting things in the world? Are you scared to keep those foods in the cupboards because you feel like you will lose control and eat and eat until it's gone? The key is actually to have LOADS of that food around you. Sounds crazy, but it's true. In this episode, I'm talking about habituation and how it helps to give you back that control. Also, find out why I am just like Smithy from Gavin and Stacey, and why I've changed my name.Be a guest on the podcast:
7. What if we all spoke our minds?
2021 Jun 0535m 33s
I have heard several comments lately about people opening their mouths and saying whatever they want about a person's body, without considering their feelings. In this episode I'm looking at typical things people say to complement people in bigger bodies that aren't really compliments, what words you can use to describe a fat person (for example are words like fat and obesity ok to use?), how we can start changing the verbal environments we are in, and what we can say to compliment people without referring to their body.