• Dinnetta Gravely
5 episodes
This is where black people and people of color can come together to speak on things that concern not just the African American culture but all people of color concerning Love, Families, entrepreneurship, etc. how do we as people of color reach out and help build within the folds of our communities, using our talents and abilities, to help build each other spiritually, financially and emotionally, using encouragement and the word of God. This platform is for all who wants to join in and give words of encouragement, sound wisdom, financial advice, etc. We need this as a Nation of Color.


Black Relationships,
2021 May 0431m 30s
This segment is about relationships black relationships how do we as African American men and women keep our relationship in tack and strong! Let's talk đŸ‘„
Encouraging & Supporting black owned businesses
2021 Apr 2923m 57s
This episode contains the issues that we as Black people have about supporting each other, and how it affects us as a whole nation, we have to get rid of the crab mentality and the discouraging words and actions towards each other so that we as a black nation can soar to success and be the Kings and Queens that we were and are created and meant to be.
Black Visions and Spirituality
2021 Apr 2317m 45s
This episode is speaking on the ridicule of Faith, and Spiritual relationships with God that so often afflict the Black community, how can we make it better and why are some of us so Judgemental of others Spiritual walk.
What are your Black Visions
2021 Apr 0510m 46s
This episode is for us as Black people to take a look at how and what we incision for our life and the lives of our young people out families, each other as a whole
Black Visions introduction
2021 Apr 025m 11s
Black Visions is being hosted by Dee Gravely and will launch on April 5th at 8am, It is created for Black People of all ages, its here to encourage everyone. Although it's called Black Visions it's not just for Black People anyone can chime in and give input, but insults, degrading, racism, or anything negative will not be allowed nor tolerated. This is a podcast for us as Black people to speak on issues that affect us on a day to day basis on every level of life and how do we overcome the obstacles and power up to success in our lives and bless others to do the same! Just know that each episode will start with a very short prayer and end with a thought for the day! So tune in and join us here at Black Visions!
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