Why Are We Like This?
  • Tori Banco
6 episodes
A podcast for the numbs, dumbs, and coughing crumbs. Listen for too many questions, and not enough answers involving relationships, nuclear war, sanitary violations, and everything not accomplished in the speed of light. Sit back, press the “misc.” button, and question yourself. Music by Steven Hightower Cover Artwork by Alex Truglio


Ep. 6 The Internet
2021 Jul 1234m 40s
More random topics with your favorite convent members. 💋 Also, like always, we talk about poop.
Ep. 5 Catching up on the tea
2021 Jun 1546m 37s
Our first completely remote episode! Find out what Tori, Tim and Healy have been up to nowadays.
Ep. 4 We lose one to New Wapshire
2021 Apr 2722m 53s
Weed legalization in NY, Tori is leaving to NH and just a lot of random thoughts in this episode.
Ep. 3 Consulting with THE sexual therapist
2021 Mar 2432m 49s
Featuring special guest Miss Asya Keklikçi. Learn about some Turkish culture, while also learning about sex, periods, and all the kinks in between. NSFW
Ep. 2 Astrology Seals
2021 Mar 0919m 22s
Learn about our signs, and about how cute seals are.
Ep.1 This is OUR podcast
2021 Feb 2416m 47s
The beginning to Why Are We Like This?
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