Hot Mamas
  • Conversations with working moms trying to keep their cool on a heating planet
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Let's be real. Being a working mama is pretty damn hard. Add fighting for the survival of the planet in the middle of a climate crisis, and it just got that much harder. On this podcast, working climate mama and host Sarah Spengeman interviews the mothers who are out front, taking on powerful fossil fuel interests by day while trying not to drown in the laundry that never seems to stop at night. Grab a glass of wine or cup of tea and hear from hot mamas across the country who share their very real struggles, but also what inspires them to wake up and do it all over again, every single day. Music courtesy of Doubletron. The track "Easy Street" and the full album "Going Nowhere" are available wherever you stream your music. And white people, let's educate ourselves and commit to being anti-racist:


Hot Mamas Episode 3: Talking with Frida Berry Eklund
2021 Jun 2149m 12s
On episode three of Hot Mamas, I talk to Frida Berry Eklund, a mother of two children and the co-founder of Our Kids Climate, a network of 58 parent groups from 23 countries who are uniting for climate action to protect the kids we love from the climate crisis. Frida shares what it's like to be a mom in Sweden, where families are supported with paid leave (two years after having a child!) and affordable childcare. We talked about her journey from pop singer to vocal climate advocate and, how, when she became a mother, she discovered the inherent power parents possess to fight for their children's very survival on this planet. But, when it came time to start talking to her own kids about this very issue, she looked everywhere for a book on the subject and couldn't find one - so she researched and wrote a handbook herself! You'll hear some of the most important lessons from this book, and be sure to listen to the end to hear her very cool Greta Thunberg story, and, of course, how you can join the climate parent movement. Recommended resources for this episode: Our Kid's Climatehttps://ourkidsclimate.orgParent for Future The Climate Crisis is Our Responsibility, Not Our Children's to Talk to Kids About Climate webinar
Hot Mamas Episode 2: Talking with Surili Patel and Seema Wadhwa
2021 Jun 0158m 56s
On episode two of Hot Mamas, I talk with Surili Patel and Seema Wadhwa, two longtime climate and health leaders and co-founders of Aawaz 4 Climate, an inclusive community of professionals dedicated to the climate and health. We chat heading back to daycare, why two kids is exponentially more challenging than one, the ever-present mom guilt, and the lack of sleep that every parent knows all too well!  You'll hear why, even as busy moms, they wanted to start a new network to bring more diversity to the climate movement, and why they believe kitchen conversations can drive climate and health solutions. Surili and Seema also share how they are navigating the very real challenges of raising environmentally conscious kids in a consumer society and cultivating love of self in children of color in a white-dominated world.  You'll hear what they've learned through these challenges about grace and forgiveness, developing resilience, and the strength they draw from their female friendships. You also won't want to miss the excellent kid book recommendations!Recommended resources for this episode: Anti-racism resources for white people 4 Climate by Deborah Diesen
Hot Mamas Episode 1: Talking with Dr. Amanda Millstein
2021 May 1451m 42s
The very first episode of Hot Mamas features a conversation with Dr. Amanda Millstein, a mother of two children ages 3 and 5, and the co-founder of Climate Health Now, an organization of medical professionals in California who are protecting and improving the health of all people by advocating for urgent, equitable climate solutions. Amanda and I talk about what the Hot Mamas podcast is all about, our experiences with California's megafires, and the need for solidarity among moms working on the climate crisis.She shares how her climate activism began (unexpectedly) in her doctor's office, why she's fighting one of the most powerful corporations on the planet to protect her tiny patients, and how activism keeps her hopeful.You won't want to miss the very first episode of Hot Mamas, conversations with working moms trying to keep their cool on a heating planet.Recommended resources for this episode: Anti-racism resources for white people Health Now"Curb refinery emissions to reduce Bay Area Pollution" by Dr. Amanda Millstein the Air District to adopt the Refinery Pollution Rule on the Bay Area Air Quality District's proposed rule