Birds! the Podcast
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Your one stop destination for all things birds. Join Bird enthusiast Tony Lombardo and Master Ornithologist Bud Ramirez as they discuss Birding, Bird Facts, Bird Expertise and introduce you to the world of Birds one species at a time!


Ep 4: Peregrine Falcom
2021 Jul 0226m 24s
In this episode, be prepared for a lot of never before done segments, including early bird or night owl game, and stay tuned for a VERY special cutting edge never before done interactive experience that will teach you more about birds than tyou thought possible
Emergency Please Listen!
2021 Jun 125m 2s
Listeners we need your help, tragedy has struck the Birds! the Podcast family. Please listen to see how you can help save a life.
Episode 3: Baltimore Oriole
2021 May 2617m 35s
Bud's Apology
2021 May 263m 28s
In this heartfelt special episode, Bud publicly addresses his recent scandal.
Ep 2: Mallard
2021 May 1819m 25s
Join Tony and Bud as they discuss fun facts about everybodys favorite Duck! Also featuring a special guest appearance by Buds lifelong friend Professor Nigel Broadshanks!
Global Big Day Live Birding Spectacular Special
2021 May 0816m 57s
In this exciting never-before done live special, join Tony and Bud as they take to the outdoors and celebrate global big day! The biggest day in birding just got a little bigger as as the Bird Boys themselves show you what real birding is all about!
Ep 1: American Robin Part 2
2021 May 0614m 1s
Join Tony for part 2 of American Robin, featuring new segments, a surprise guest, and a very special apology from Bud Ramirez.
Ep 1: American Robin
2021 May 067m 30s
In this very special first ever episode, prepare to fly high with Tony and Bud as they discuss the lovely American Robin.