Rambling into Oblivion
  • Kay-rencia
2 episodes
DISCLAIMER: I don't expect you to listen to this. It's a random no body, desperate to pour out her thoughts wherever she could, even if it's just her future, adult self who is ever going to take her seriously. Or so she hopes.


Speak up
2020 Oct 018m 14s
Tell them your heart is beating. Tell them your blood is rushing through your veins. Tell them you can breathe in through your lungs. Tell them you exist. Tell them you hurt. Tell them you shine. Tell them. And tell them loudly.
2020 Oct 014m 41s
PJs- check. Messy bun- check. Black caffeine- check. Cloudy afternoons- Definite check. Sit down and listen to me ramble because you've got nothing better to do. Situation's mutual. ;)
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