The Masterful Coach
  • Molly Claire
13 episodes
As a coach building a business, you’re learning so many skills at once – improving your coaching, marketing, sales, running a business, serving your clients – it can be pretty overwhelming. The fears, doubts, and confusion that set in can stop you in your tracks if you let them. Molly Claire has been in your shoes and she has helped hundreds of other coaches to move forward and create successful, meaningful, and profitable businesses that make a difference in the world. In this podcast she will offer you insights on improving your coaching impact, learning the basics of running a business, how to move forward through doubt and fear as you step into belief, all while staying true to your values and the life you want to create. Ready to up-level your coaching impact and make a difference in the world? Let’s get started.


Solve for Uncertainty
2021 Jul 2120m 58s
Uncertainty creates a vague, dark cloud of confusion. It may be uncertainty in your coaching program or the direction you should take. It may show up as doubt that you can properly scale your business or succeed long term. It may manifest as feeling overwhelmed, lacking confidence, and even feeling fear. No matter how it crops up, uncertainty is completely normal. You should expect to experience it at some point in your coaching business, if you haven’t already.
How to Recognize Trauma: An Interview with Jen Taylor
2021 Jul 1443m 43s
Handling some of the emotions that surface during coaching sessions can be a delicate process. Some instances may lead you to even suspect trauma in the life of a client. What a some signs a caring coach should watch for to know if referral to a licensed therapist is needed? What can a coach do within their own coaching scope to further help a client?
Managing Focus in your Business Daily
2021 Jul 0717m 12s
As a coach, you’re typically your own boss. Completely self-guided and self-managed, you’re without someone charting out your day. You may also have the added layer of your business being located in your home. That’s why focus of your time, focus of your energy, how productive you are, and how you manage the day-to-day are crucial. It can be too easy to lose focus and lose sight of our goals. Maybe even occasionally use home as an excuse to escape making a tough decision or dealing with doubt at work, or vice versa.
Life/Biz Mastery: An Interview with Heather Rackham
2021 Jun 3051m 43s
As a coach, you want to use your gifting to help others create their ideal life and business. Naturally, you also desire this for yourself. But how do you build a committed business that nurtures your ideal life? How do you stay true to your own path and not someone else’s? How do you avoid building someone else’s business or building a business that doesn’t support the life you want?
The Validation Trap and How to Get Out of It
2021 Jun 2324m 25s
Seeking validation from clients can sabotage your coaching. It puts you in an up and down cycle of highs and lows and can affect your coaching. How can we identify this validation trap and thus avoid it? How can we keep our coaching free from needing personal validation and remain focused on our clients?
Creating Connection with Clients for Better Results
2021 Jun 1620m 20s
There is a direct link between the comfort and confidence a client has in a coach and that client’s progress. This means the connection you’re able to create can be the best indicator of their success. I love how Brené Brown describes connection. She says, “I define connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.”
Relationship Coaching Mistakes: An Interview with Aimee Gianni
2021 Jun 0934m 21s
Relationships are a major factor in coaching any client. Relationships affect quality of life, which affects your clients’ businesses. Even if it’s not what you’re focusing on, relationships should be positively addressed at appropriate points during your coaching.
Business Mastery: Self-Belief as Fuel
2021 Jun 0219m 24s
I love the old saying, “Life by the yard is hard, life by the inch is a cinch!” I don’t know who first said it but it is definitely true. And it is especially powerful when it comes to self-belief as fuel.
Life Mastery as a foundation
2021 May 2618m 25s
To have Life Mastery, sometimes you need to slow down to go fast. You need room to breathe. You need to possess comprehensive knowledge -- that is, a completeness -- of yourself. But knowing yourself and implementing change doesn’t happen all at once. There is a learning curve, a progression, a continuation of growth toward what you want.
The Magic Sauce of Coaching: Confidence and Competence
2021 May 1923m 20s
If you struggle with confidence or competence as a coach, it can feel like your dream business won’t succeed. But it’s really not a problem to have some feelings of uncertainty. Your self-assurance can always be improved. Just the act of engaging in bettering yourself and your business proves you have some level of confidence. You need only to build on that. When it comes to competence, it’s no different. You can build your knowledge. You can improve your skills.