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Ash and Max have always loved video game music. From the NES to the PS5. But behind the catchy tunes and well-known ear worms is a world of depth and artistic brilliance. Join these two musicians and apprecionados as they go in depth with video game soundtracks to see what makes them tick and what helps them click in OSTeam


Episode 3 – Relaxing Video Game Music
2021 Jun 1756m 41s
On this episode Ash and Max talk about their favorite relaxing video game music! They discuss what even qualifies as relaxing VGM and a few of their favorite tunes.
Episode 2 – Our Favorite VGM (list subject to change)
2021 May 201h 29m 59s
On this episode of OSTeam, Ash and Max discuss 5 of their favorite pieces of video game music. They discuss everything from war songs to epic orchestral pieces to Nintendo chiptunes and even though their list is subject to change at any time, it gives you a good idea of their taste and what music speaks to them.
Episode 1 - Final Fantasy 7 Remake
2021 May 031h 6m 54s
Join Max and Ash on this inaugural episode of OSTeam as they discuss one of their favorite game sound tracks of all time, Final Fantasy 7 Remake.
More episodes may be available on the podcast’s website.