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Bacteria are outsmarting antibiotics due to overuse and decline in production. These antibiotic-resistant superbugs pose another global health risk. It's the Slow Pandemic.


We are running out of safe, effective antibiotics
2021 May 036m 20s
The last two pharmaceutical companies that received approval from the FDA (before the pandemic) to produce new antibiotics - one went bankrupt and the other got sold off. There is little financial incentive to research or produce these drugs. Researcher Lori Burrows talks to us about new supply models that could re-ignite research in this area.
And you think COVID-19 is bad
2021 Apr 2623m
Globally, we are quickly running out of antibiotic solutions to fight both common and high-risk bacterial infections. Bacteria are becoming increasingly resistant to over-used antibiotics, and it
From Life Threatening to Life Changing
2021 Apr 1924m 47s
The phone call no parent ever wants to receive… Hear how Seana and her husband went through the harrowing first 14 months of her daughter Kiera’s illness before receiving a proper diagnosis, her 18-month stay in hospital and all the care, logistics and education that come with living with a child who requires an IV catheter connected to her heart, and how one solution is
The SLOW PANDEMIC - Karen Mueller
2021 Apr 1218m 40s
A caregiver by nature and registered nurse by training, SterileCare CEO Karen Mueller explains
The KiteLock Story
2021 Feb 1026m 49s
In Canada, 34 people die every single day from PREVENTABLE bloodstream infections acquired
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