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Tyson and Ryan of Essence and Aesthetic, 2 experts at nothing, giving commentary on life for the people! Enjoy!


2021 Jul 28
New week new episode! You already know how it goes! We are back with another episode of the podcast. This was a very chill episode. Tyson talked forever about a story where he almost died in the snow. Ryan brought up the Olympics and some other hard-hitting topics you don’t want to miss. Tyson was trying to get more Taco Bell Cantinas across the world to get drunk and so much more. You already know how these episodes go! As always, we appreciate all the support and love. We look forward to bringing more content soon for y’all to enjoy. Make sure to follow us on all of our socials! We will be back next week for another glorious episode.
2021 Jul 21
Yo! Welcome back boys and girls for another episode of your favorite podcast. Essence and Aesthetic reached episode 11 with this gem blessed by Ryan and Tyson. This episode as all the episodes is just straight ramblings about nothing but life. In this episode Ryan took the reigns and had lots of stories and jokes to tell. Ryan brought up how he judges inflation by burritos, Tyson talked about what it must be like to commit tax fraud, Ryan’s strip club application and so much more! Give the show a listen, tell ya moms and ya grandmoms about us. We appreciate and love all the support from y’all. Follow us on all of our socials and we will see y’all next week!
2021 Jul 14
Here we are, boys and girls! Episode 10! Just hitting all the milestones out here with no end in sight! The boys are super excited and thankful for everyone who has been with us these last 10 episodes, so shout out to y’all. You already know how the podcast goes by now; the boys did a small weekly recap. Ryan talked about why he was not on the episode last week and the activities that transpired over the weekend. The boys talked about the recent sports games over the weekends, the upsets, the crack Olympics, and just celebrating 10 episodes. The boys cracked open a cold one for the episode, and we hope you do the same. Enjoy the episode, follow us on all our socials, and we will see you all next week.
2021 Jul 07
We finally did it boys are girls, we got our first special guest! Tyson had the great honor of having one of his good friends co/host with him as the first guest on Essence and Aesthetic Podcast! Tyson talked with Tristan Cahn (@peptothizzmo) the artist, rhyme maker, podcast aficionado, and conspiracy-loving man. In this episode, Tyson talks to Tristan in a more serious tone episode touching base on politics, political leanings, and life in general. Tyson is always there to keep it light and fun for everyone but it is a nice break to talk about some more real things and speak our minds. This was Tristan’s first podcast and he handled it like a champ, we had some good talks on conspiracies, music, Tristan Freestyling, our wild job together, and much much more. We really hope you enjoy this change of pace for the podcast. This is to show y’all that we are multidimensional, so don’t keep your standards of us too low now. But, thank you again for all the constant support and love for the show, be sure to follow us on all socials and yeah! We love you all and Tyson and Ryan will be back next week with episode 10!
2021 Jun 30
Oh, man! Welcome back to the literal hottest podcast in the Pacific North West! As Portland saw some of the hottest temperatures in recorded history, the boys did not shy away from bringing a banger episode for you beautiful people. Despite Tyson’s laptop almost burning up and melting, the boys still brought the heat with this episode. The boys of course ran through their weekend recap, recalling the two shows Ryan and Tyson went to over the weekend and all the crazy things that were seen. The boys had some random hot takes that were thrown to each other on the spot in celebration of the heat outside. And much much more! By this time you already know you got to listen to the episode to get all the fun details and antics! Thank you all for your continuous support, don’t forget to check us out on Instagram, Spotify, YouTube, and Patreon! We have a special episode for y’all next week so be prepared!
2021 Jun 23
You already know what time it is! Another episode of the best podcast from the PNW! The boys are back for another episode of the Essence and Aesthetic Podcast! We all hope you are enjoying your time and content with the boys. We got another great episode here for you. Another long-winded episode, full of stories of the week and just things going on in the minds of Tyson and Ryan. We spoke about Ryan getting too drunk at the bowling alley and how there should not be a mix of adult activities in kid areas, Tyson first Portland Timbers game and almost sleeping on the streets of Downtown Portland, Adult Summer Camps and so much more. We hope you all like the episode and reach out to us on socials, we’d love to hear feedback from you all! See y’all next week!
2021 Jun 16
The boys are back for another great episode for y’all to listen to! This episode is full of long-winded stories from Tyson and Ryan’s life. We hope these stories will bring smiles to your faces and laughs! There is no real format to this episode, the boys hit some good topics though! The boys talked about Ryan’s yoga class, Notorious B.I.G. living in the PNW as Bigfoot, A diver who got eaten by a whale, Tyson not lasting in prison, and Ryan getting hit on by Kourtney Kardashian. Again, we hope this episode finds you well and gives you some good laughs! We will see y’all next week!
2021 Jun 09
Wow, Episode 5! The boys are very excited to share this very special 5th episode with y’all. I know the boys had a great time with this episode and I’m sure you all will enjoy it as much as we did! In this episode, the boys went in on some heavy topics! To name a few, Ryan and his flaking Tinder date, Ryan’s street modeling career for strangers, meeting people from random ass places in the country, our first silent disco in Portland, NBA playoff talk, and celebrity fights. Tyson has formally challenged David Dobrik to a boxing match so all your help is needed to help get this set up! Enjoy the episode, this was one of the best ones to date and we hope that you all enjoy it and thank you so much for all the support!
2021 Jun 02
Welcome to episode 4 of the best podcast out there! This episode is a wild one that’s for sure. Tyson and Ryan came back from a long and crazy memorial day weekend and had nothing but ramblings to talk about. There is not even a real description of what this episode is about but it’s all for good fun and laughs. We talk about Tyson being the first to bring out the crop top this summer, the festivities that went on over the memorial day weekend. Ryan’s hate for Arbys and Paul George. The boys went in a little on the NBA playoffs which is always a good time. Again, this episode is just one big ramble session but we hope you all enjoy it because I know the boys did! Thank you for all the love and support and we will see you all next week.
2021 May 26
Welcome to Episode 3 of the only Essence and Aesthetic Podcast! In this episode, Tyson and Ryan hit on some hard-hitting topics! The boys spoke about growing up with nicknames, why Tyson would join a gang for a nickname, what we should call our beautiful listeners, so if you have suggestions, let the boys know. Of course, the boys had to talk about Crypto life and how that is going for everyone. Ryan brought up some hard-hitting questions on purple nurples and Nick Cannon. Good things you don’t want to miss! There is a lot more in the podcast that you gotta listen to find out! Stay tuned for more Essence and Aesthetic content. Much Love!