• Amber Twyne
12 episodes
The overt "Self-Help Millennial", promoting self-advocacy and sharing her story and thoughts on the human experience with class, couth and character. "Ask Butta how I zone, man Cleopatra Jones". Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/justambpodcast/support


Rebellion Series / Episode 2: Childhood
2020 Nov 1524m 3s
This week we're uncovering my thoughts around childhood.
Rebellion Series / Episode 1: Write the Book
2020 Nov 0320m 37s
Here's a mini-series within the podcast, diving deeper into Rebellion: A Multimedia Memoir by Amber Twyne.
Episode 10: Cancel Culture
2020 Jan 0324m 40s
Listen as I rant about my thoughts on cancel culture and the power of social media.
Episode 9: Pain Hierarchy
2019 Feb 0818m 30s
A free thought about the "Pain Hierarchy Mentality" that impacts most of us and my personal struggle and life lessons regarding that flaw.
Episode 8: 2019 Revamp
2019 Feb 0832m 25s
A re-introduction to Amber Twyne and the #JustAmb podcast. Giving some background information on why I'm taking another shot at this podcast thing and what to expect in future episodes.
Episode 7: Team Natural Trend
2018 Jan 075m 33s
So there's controversy about the team natural trend and people hopping on the bandwagon, what do you think about it?
Episode 6: "Or Whateva"
2018 Jan 065m 59s
What's with the poor excuse for a compliment? Lemme know.....
Episode 5: Fighting Ain't Cute
2018 Jan 055m 41s
I'm sick of fighting videos on my timeline, we've got to do better
Episode 4: Just A Number
2018 Jan 045m 18s
Why do I feel like as an employee I'm not more than a number? Yeah... I'm not cool with that so I need to take some ACTION
Episode 3: U R What U Eat
2018 Jan 033m 15s
We need to pay attention and what we put in our bodies, you are what you eat so don't be eating no crap.