The Joanna Jewell Podcast
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Welcome to the Joanna Jewell podcast. This show is all about dropping travel gems. My name is Joanna Jewell and I help you become location independent by making money online, so that you can live and travel on your terms. Six years ago I began my journey as a solo traveler, discovering 21 countries, while working online as an Educator and studying full-time (online) towards my degree in Communication Science. After 3 years, in 2018, I had seen 19 countries before graduating debt free, with savings, a maxed out passport and not a maxed out credit card. I’m currently still exploring the world as a full-time location independent solo traveler and teaching you HOW you can do the same. This podcast covers all things travel and sets you up for success as a global citizen. You can expect to hear honest, real and inspiring conversations about life as an international. You can also learn all about how to make your travel dreams come true and how to discover this world in a sustainable manner.


What South African Women REALLY Think About Dating Abroad | Cultivating Meaningful Relations Abroad
2021 Apr 2441m 36s
In this episode we share our real and honest opinions about our experiences as South African women and the love scene abroad. We're keeping it real here!
Countries Where We Feel Most Welcomed- We LOVE It Here
2021 Apr 0940m 20s
In our first episode we talk about about the countries that we felt most welcomed in.
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