Rooted By Health
  • Arune Vasylenko
5 episodes
Looking to achieve optimum health? Lose those pesky last 10 pounds? Optimize your sleep? Should you eat paleo? Vegan? Keto? Which water filter/non-toxic skincare/detox solution/insert any other product should you buy to increase your health & wellness? Welcome to Rooted by Health. A podcast that will answer these and many more of your health & wellness questions! Your host, holistic nutritionist Arune Vasylenko brings you conversations with experts in the alternative health space as well as her own expertise so you can learn all of the ways you can better your own health and wellness without having to spend countless hours researching things on your own.


Episode 5 - Understanding the elements to understand yourself with Mikie
2021 Jun 1250m 43s
In this week's episode, Arune talks to Mikie, an Ayurvedic practitioner, and spiritual counselor who talks the talk but also walks the walk when it comes to your spiritual healing.
Episode 4 - Allowing childhood wounds to heal with Divya
2021 Jun 041h 13m 56s
In this episode, Arune talks to Divya, a young yoga teacher and healer who has transformed her life of anxiety into one where she helps others heal while also healing her own childhood trauma.
Episode 3 - Waking up with the sunrise & losing your old beliefs with Ste Lane
2021 May 281h 1m 19s
In this episode, Arune talks with Ste Lane, a holistic health coach who helps his clients transform their lives into intentional ones.
Episode 2 - When a Thyroid Cancer Diagnosis Transforms Your Entire Life with Carly Brown
2021 May 211h 5m 28s
In this episode, Arune talks with Carly Brown, a holistic health coach who healed her own thyroid cancer diagnosis naturally.
Episode 1 - Once you know better, do you choose better?
2021 May 1429m 13s
One day you’re feeling well and good and the next you realize that isn’t the case anymore. That was certainly the trend my life was going. A tragic childhood experience shaped my future decision to dive into holistic wellness and the rest of the story follows suit. From yo-yo dieting to vegan to paleo and beyond - life has exposed me to all of it. Continuing to learn and evolve, my health & healing focus also does the same.
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