Client Horror Stories
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15 episodes
Tales from those on the front lines of dealing with clients. Tales of difficult clients, complex situations, relationship management - and how massive client management problems were solved, and what they learned. Largely those running agencies, but all across different professional services.


That time your client believed that advertising was a magic solution, but still micromanaged the magician (with Collin Slattery)
2021 Jul 211h 28s
In our 15th take at Client Horror Stories, Collin Slattery, founder, and CEO of Taikun Inc. brings us a story approached not too dramatically, but rather as a learning experience for everyone who was a part of it (and, obviously, us as well!). Today’s tale gives us a lesson on how good students are the ones that don’t need an atomic bomb of a client in order to pick up a bunch of good lessons on how to manage them.
That time your mentor gifted you his house in his will, but removed you from it when you asked him for the money he owed you (with Will Rico)
2021 Jul 151h 1m 37s
In our 14th take at Client Horror Stories, we have Will Rico, CEO of CommonMind, along with a parade of mentors, telling us probably the weirdest yet most gripping and surprising story so far. Today’s tale is the compilation of horror, random, and sometimes positively surprising situations that went along in Will’s 9-year long relationship with his then mentor.
That time your agency was hired only to prevent the partner who hired you from getting fired (with Anthony Highman)
2021 Jul 0656m 6s
Take 13th at Client Horror Stories is starred by Anthony Highman, along with an exclusive selection of what he considered his top-notch horror stories of many years in the industry. In a quick and easy short story method, Anthony walks us through the perks and quirks of what it takes to engage in a committed and beneficial for both parts working relationship.
That time your boss cared only about spending the client’s whole ad budget (with Rachel Smith)
2021 Jun 2951m 57s
In our 12th take at Client Horror Stories, Rachel Smith, PPC Manager at Platform 81, gets us involved in a tale where the actual horror ended up not actually coming from your client, but from your manager instead. Her story (which is told in an enchanting british accent, and accompanied by all sorts of fun british slang) has everything that a good story needs: Drama, hidden information, secret meetings, a really tall guy, and incredibly useful lessons.
That time your client was so smoothly turning into your BFF, you didn't realize he had made up all his investors (with Jess McCarter)
2021 Jun 2249m 8s
In our eleventh take at Client Horror Stories, we have Jess McCarter sharing with us a story that started with a way longer meeting than necessary. One of those meetings where they discussed the solution to all the world's problems. And that was the start of many, many meetings like that.
That time your client needs you to make them $1 million in six months but will only pay you to work Thursday afternoons (With Paul Stephenson)
2021 Jun 111h 12m 49s
In this week’s take, we receive Paul Stephenson, founder, and CEO of 47 Insights, who tells us a story on going back to working with clients after many years in consultancy, and how to take a harsh come back to the industry. All along his hearing process, we have the chance to take on a lesson or two on following our guts, being able to detect yellow flags (and realizing the moment where they start getting darker), and know how and when we should settle boundaries.
That time your client wanted you to sleep your way to the top of Google’s search results (with Josh Silverbauer)
2021 Jun 031h 55s
In our 9th take of Client Horror Stories, we have Josh Silverbauer, CEO of Great Big Digital Agency, opening up with the line “When you are a CEO, saying “yes” can take you very far, but sometimes you just reach a point where you wished you’d said “no ``''. From then on, he tells us a tale protagonist by a (former) celebrity of the holistic environment whose only concern was to remain famous and his partners with very strong opinions about absolutely everything.
That time your client sent a “FU” email to the guy you’re negotiating with--at the very moment you closed a win-win deal with him (with Will Haire)
2021 May 2827m 49s
Today’s Client Horror Story is the short version of a horrifying scandal with Will Haire, CEO & Founder of BellaVix, as the protagonist along with the kind of person that has a Zoom call while he drives. In our 8th take, we bring you a tale full of drama, randomness, and emails telling people that they are a complete piece of a**, and all of that in just 30 minutes.
That time your client was really your client’s client’s client’s client (The Telephone Game) (With Stephanie Schwab)
2021 May 2145m 4s
On our seventh take at Client Horror Stories, we receive Stephanie Schwab, CEO, and Founder of Crackerjack, who tells us a story that sounds weird from the beginning, even if she only realized during the interview, when a colleague that you met 3 weeks ago has a project that appears to be a match made in heaven for complementing what both your companies do.
That time you cursed at the man who sponsored the 2008 Beijing Olympics after going all-out to pitch him (with F.M. Byers)
2021 May 1441m 42s
In our sixth take at Client Horror Stories, we have FM Byers, CEO and Founder of SM Digital Partners telling us a tale that involves drama, diversity, round tables, and maybe too much ambition.