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Scouting Analysis, Roster Construction and Draft Grades in NFL and College Football


Episode #10 - NFC East, Early 2022 Draft Prospects
2021 Jul 1658m 57s
After taking a couple weeks to think about what they wanted to talk about, Tony and Trey finally came back to the studio to kick out the newest episode of Conditional 6th! Topics covered in this episode..
Episode #9 - NFC North, Bryan Morgado
2021 Jun 2358m 47s
We're joined on this week's post by dynasty league member, Bryan Morgado, to break down the 1st round action from the crew's latest dynasty draft. Topics covered..
Episode #8 - NFC South Preview, Julio the Titan
2021 Jun 1349m 13s
Tony and Trey get into Week 2 of their 8-week series of divisional breakdowns by heading down to the NFC South. We get into the following...
Episode #7 - NFC West Preview, Julio, Tebow Angst
2021 Jun 031h 3m 14s
Tony and Trey are back to kickoff their 8-week series of divisional breakdowns with the vaunted NFC West! We tackle the following topics..
Episode #6 - Draft Summary
2021 May 181h 1m 52s
Tony and Trey are finally back to break down the happenings from the 2021 NFL Draft! They break down the Aaron Rodgers saga, the implications surrounding the landing spots of the top QB's, and go through their draft winners and losers. Oh.. and there's some Dave Gettleman bashing (pretty standard).
2021 Apr 241h 32m 58s
Tony and Trey have spent all week checking sources, historical data, analytical info, and ultimately the film in order to bring this mock draft to life! Learn where your team is leaning, where the trades are likely coming, and which players are firmly on the 1st round radar. Enjoy!
Episode #4 - Lock It Up!
2021 Apr 1755m 20s
Tony and Trey are back to give out their draft night "locks"! Their boldest calls for the weekend to make you look like an expert at your draft party. Lots of talk about Justin Fields, draft day trades, the deepest classes in the draft, medical information, and North Carolina's excellent uniform swag.
Episode #3 - The Fantasy Episode
2021 Apr 1059m 38s
Here comes the Fantasy Episode! Tony and Trey start by breaking down this week's Sam Darnold trade between the Jets and Panthers, and give a quick summary of the standout rookie fantasy performances from last year's draft class. Then it's Snake Draft class, as Tony and Trey pick the top prospects in the 2021 Class for next year's fantasy season!
Episode #2 - The Elites
2021 Apr 031h 29m 18s
Tony and Trey are back for round 2, and give their latest thoughts on pro days, the huge trades that have already occurred, and more Mac Jones. Then they launch into all of the elite prospects in the 2021 class and where they expect the prospects to land.
Episode #1 - The Pilot
2021 Mar 281h 14m 8s
Tony and Trey kick off the inaugural episode of the Conditional 6th Podcast by rehashing some old war stories from the 2020 Draft and analysis. Then it's trade time! The guys break down the huge Friday afternoon trades between the 49ers, Dolphins, and Eagles and the wide-reaching implications on the overall QB picture and the top signal callers in the 2021 Draft.
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