• Donovan & Action Jackson
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We are your favorite NCOs (Nerd Culture Observers). Two Air Force vets giving you a blerd's eye view on all things comics, gaming, movies, tv, & culture. Cheers!


EP17| The Blerdcon 2021 Experience| Pros & Cons| Cosplay Controversy| What Can Improve & More
2021 Jul 241h 59m 48s
In this episode we discuss our experience at Blerdcon 2021. We have a full panel in house as we give different perspectives from those who attended and those who did not. Did the con live up to the hype or was it slacking from being one of the first cons post pandemic? Tune in and find out.
EP16|One Year Anniversary| Top5 Super Hero Beatdowns| John Ridley's I Am Batman| Fast 9 Review
2021 Jul 083h 6m 40s
We celebrate the official one year anniversary of the BHND The Seen podcast. We look back at our favorite recordings, give a perspective on what it is to be a content creator and give thanks to the individuals who make this platform what it is. We give our top 5 worst super hero beatings in live action media. How do you feel about the new Batman series starring Tim Fox and last and certainly least, we give our review on F9. Enjoy the show.
E15| WWE Is Unwatchable| CM Punk's Pipebomb| Fearing The Future Of Zombie Media| Warbound Review
2021 Jun 282h 14m 46s
Someone needs to talk to Vince McMahon. 10 years later and we see CM Punk's predictions come true. What is the best Walking Dead show currently and is the future of zombie movies looking dead? We review an great indie comic book title called Warbound by Evoluzione Publishing.
E14| Static #1 From A Creator's POV| Approaching the One Year Anniversary
2021 Jun 271h 1m 28s
We go more into depth of Static #1 with a lifelong fan of Static, Vonnell Young from Millennial Comics. He breaks down the highs and lows of the issues and the problems with the characterization of Virgil Hawkins. What's the secret sauce missing from this comic that everyone else seems to be glancing over? Find out only in the BHND The Seen podcast! Be sure to check out the fantastic series, Delta Dogs from Millennial Comics. https://millennialcomic.com/
EP13|The Return of Static Shock| Milestone Returns Woes| The Mount Rushmore Of MCU Villains| Shang-Chi and Venom 2 Impressions
2021 Jun 192h 25s
Finally Static Shock returns to the comic book stores but did it deliver? We talk about our grievances with the Milestone Returns preview book. We discuss the legacy of MCU villains. Did the trailers for Venom 2 and Shang Chi impress or left us wanted something more? Find out in this latest episode of BHND The Seen!
EP12| E3 2021 Predictions| The Roast of Gamestop
2021 Jun 122h 31m 32s
E3 2021 is here and we teamed up with Home Boi Talk to give our predictions of what's to come in the gaming world. We also express why there's no more goodwill left with Gamestop. Thanks for lending your ears for another episode.
EP11| The Streaming Wars Continues| Eternals Trailer Reaction| Blumhouse Horror Takeover| Hollywood Bows To China
2021 May 302h 31m 29s
The Streaming Wars continues as Warner Media merges with Discovery and Amazon purchases MGM Studios. We give our impressions of the latest Eternals trailers, are the fans ready for something like this? At this point can the Horror genre even operate without Blumhouse. Last but not least we give our take on the demands from China for Hollywood to take a seat at their table.
EP10| The Impact of the MCU| What Movies Will Bring Butts Back Into Theaters| Movie of the Week: Tomb Raider
2021 May 231h 50m 43s
Outside of film, what does the Avengers have over other superhero properties. What kind of movies will get the masses excited to go into theaters. Was the Tomb Raider reboot a misfire? Find all of this and more in the latest episode of the BHND The Seen Podcast.
EP9| Falcon & Winter Soldier Review| Red Sonja Movie Casting| Is Watchmen Dead?| Movies in 2011
2021 May 163h 48m 54s
Did Sam earn his stripes in his own series? Does Sam have hands? Why make a Red Sonja movie? Is the Watchmen property dead as we know it? All of these questions and more will be answered in our biggest episode yet! Sit back, grab a cold one and enjoy the show.
EP8| Mortal Kombat 2021 Movie Review| COLE F'N YOUNG!!!| Character Breakdowns| What's Next?
2021 May 072h 38m 26s
We give our review on one of the most highly anticipated and also mixed response movie of the year Mortal Kombat! Why was Cole Young such a thing? How does the new iterations of characters compare to the old 90's movie? Was Goro, Reptile and some of the other villains wasted in the film? Thank you for lending your ears and taking out the time of your day to be entertained by us. CHEERS!