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We believe everyone should have equal access to personalised healthcare.   Tune in as host Tony Estrella collaborates with global experts to explore how governments, payers and clinicians are co-creating solutions to prepare health systems for the future. Together, we can make a difference.


S1.Ep5: Why We Need to Be Active Participants in Personalised Health to Maximise Its Benefits
2021 Jul 2126m 7s
The biggest investment in your lifetime isn't financial. It's behavioural.
S1.Ep4: How Personalised Health Can Unleash the Power of Transformative Clinicians
2021 Jul 0725m 3s
Transformative clinicians— clinicians who develop and deliver healthcare in innovative ways— can be found throughout medical history. They have been key to nearly every advancement we've made in helping people live longer, healthier lives, and they will be just as crucial to delivering on the promise of personalised health, too.
S1.Ep3: The Data Challenge of Personalised Health
2021 Jun 2325m 33s
In today's world of smart devices and social media, we share a lot of data-- about our preferences, habits, locations, and much more-- to enhance the quality and convenience of our lives. Data is also key to delivering the benefits of personalised health.
S1.Ep2: Can We Merge Personalised Health with Public Health?
2021 Jun 0923m 48s
A coordinated approach to public health has improved the lives of billions of people since the late 1800s. By identifying population-level health challenges, improving sick care and infrastructure, and scaling up interventions that work, public health has raised the quality of life and extended how long people live. But public health is far from perfect. Diseases like cholera, diabetes, and COVID-19 still impact billions of people around the world.
S1.Ep1: The promise of Personalised Health: Is this the Future of Healthcare?
2021 May 1927m 38s
Imagine a world in which advanced medical treatments and technologies are the new standard, available to everyone regardless of geography or socioeconomic status. Individuals now survive metastatic cancer instead of fearing the disease. And you have a  complete profile of your specific health needs, so your clinical team can prevent sickness from occurring in the first place.
Welcome to the FutureProofing Healthcare Podcast
2021 Jan 251m 19s
We believe everyone should have equal access to healthcare. Tune in as we speak with advocates and public health experts to explore what it takes to ensure the needs of individuals are met today, and for the months and years to come.
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