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  • Joshua Duran
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Regaining what society has lost, through conversations.


2021 Jul 0958m 29s
In this episode of The Lost Files podcast, George and Josh had a very original and honest conversation on the topic of being single. Do you find it challenging to settle down these days?How do we find common ground and find a solution? George was able to guide us through his journey of singleness, and some of the challenges that come with it. Josh was able to finally speak up on his journey from a fiancé to now being single and how he was able to handle that transition.
The Return of Fatherhood
2021 Jun 241h 10m 49s
Happy Father's Day!! In this episode, Josh was able to sit down with some good friends and talk about the importance of fatherhood. We often shy away from the topic because it brings up a lot of emotions and pain. However, we decided to dig deeper and discuss what it feels like growing up without your father at home, but in other cases, what it feels like having your dad at home but not receiving the love that you crave from him. Marquis, George and Yheriel all have a unique story, and they were able to express themselves.
2021 Jun 1159m 30s
Join Josh as he interviews Amanda Puentes around the topic of marriage. She talked about her first year as a wife and the challenges she had to face. Mrs. Puentes shared her upbringing and some of the things she wished she had done better.
Entrepreneur Vs 9-5
2021 May 2858m 48s
Dedicated to Mr. Budd, as he graduated to heaven.   Kirk was known for his work ethic and for "Living Out his Dash." Two weeks ago, God called him home. But through this episode, his legacy continues to exist.  Josh sits with Jaime Estrella & George Perez to discuss the pros and cons of the entrepreneurial world Vs the 9-5. They talk about the mindset game when it comes to building a business and adapting to changes. Josh shares his story on God calling him out of a season in business to a different world.
How Did I Get Here? (Mental Health Awareness Month)
2021 May 1326m 57s
As a man, it can be hard to express the things that we go through and feel, because of the stigma surrounding Men and Mental Health. Join Josh as he walks us through his journey battling with anxiety and depression for the last few years.Let’s normalize having these uncomfortable conversations for good!