• Reece Krenske
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Every day people telling people who they are, where they come from and how they have been shaped into the person that they are today.


Farmer Tim Logan
2021 Jun 2347m 34s
Growing up in small town within the Lockyer valley, I've known this guy for quite some time. Tim as a farmer, husband, father and mate also having the similarities within our relationships. We both have deaf wives, so I took the opportunity to sit down and have a real conversation about his experience about his wife and life.
(Not so) Secret Dad's Business Nate Robinson
2021 Jun 1547m 57s
Nate Robinson is amazing, a fellow dad, husband, podcaster, friend who works 40+ hours per week and still manages to bring some great content to us through his podcast.
Shane Prettner Primal Connections
2021 Jun 0849m 24s
I caught up with Shane Prettner and we went deep into science and facts of generational trauma and how he overcame his PTSD from the experiences of his life. Now creating a community to help parents and children reconnect through proven methods that work and are long lasting.
Jacob Edyvane
2021 May 2637m 43s
Growing up in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, coming from a broken home yet a privileged family. Completing an education through the private system and taking his life for granted numerous times. Setting himself up for a life of crime, unable to take responsibility for his actions and emotions. Find out what the catalyst was for change.
Sarah Osborne
2021 May 1244m 33s
Growing up in central Qld with 2 brothers as a middle child, having a good relationship within her family, she was always seen as the healthy and athletic one. Whilst being seen as the healthy one physically, mentally and internally it was a different story within herself. Entering into a career that involved the health of others, she has been on a journey of self discovery and fulfilment. Learning what really is important about herself, relationships and life giving her the life experience to help her clients in succeeding to achieve their goals.
Leon Christiansen - The Mindset Renovator
2021 May 0750m 16s
My Guest Leon Christiansen "The Mindset Renovator" goes deep around accidents, trauma and family tragedy and what he has had to do to overcome and rise above to bring him to this exact moment in time.
Narelle Jordan
2021 Apr 2934m 49s
Growing up in the foster care system from the age of 5, she certainly leaned to be resilient.
Dale "The Scads" Scadden
2021 Apr 2449m 47s
A very good friend of mine, Dale grew up on the Sunshine Coast and at the age of 17 moved out of home. He kicked around for a year before enlisting in the army. After participating in multiple tours overseas, then having to come back and fit back into civilian life with a totally different mindset. He is a husband and father, it didn't take long to work out what was really important.
2021 Apr 131m 14s
Welcome to Be Real.
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