Tales of Sada Emedu
  • Kier Zhou
20 episodes
Stories of characters and events from the post-apocalyptic fantasy realm of Erset La Tari. Tales of the surviving civilisation at the seat of an ancient and long decayed empire: Sada Emedu. Email: TheTalesofSadaEmedu@gmail.com


Bonus Content: The Accessible Doctrine Programme - The Integration of Oral History and Mythology with Prophetics.
2021 Jul 2716m 43s
We will be back on a bi-monthly (every two weeks) release schedule from the 11 of August!
Episode 13: The Narrows- Niillas Janicek/Selwyn Janicek
2021 Jul 2133m 9s
Contact us at: TheTalesofSadaEmedu@Gmail.com Here we re-join Niillas as he takes a shortcut to his destination as Selwyn worries for his return. Voice of a Quietknife played by Gemma Mclane-Mare Eva played by Lauren Littlewood Matko played by Matt Evans Vasa Played by Elle Evans
Bonus Content: The Bards of Sada Emedu
2021 Jul 1424m 2s
Guard your mothers and sons! This week we meet the city's Bards! Contact us @ TheTalesofSadaEmedu@Gmail.com Lanlen is played by Stewart Bullock AKA ThisisBardcore AKA Dweezil Zanzaphir (of Dice and Desire Infamy!)  https://linktr.ee/thisisbardcore Ered Rada is played by Connor Hodgson of JC and the Twosteps. http://jcandthetwosteps.co.uk/ Celia Joyce is played by Abbie Tickle. -Era of Silence is written and performed by Abbie Tickle and Gemma McLean-Mare
The Bards: Lanlen and the Troll Splitters- This is Not a Warning!
2021 Jul 142m 50s
Lanlen was played by Stuart Bullock
The Bards: Celia Joyce- Era of Silence
2021 Jul 141m 43s
Celia Joyce was played by Abbie Tickle. Era of Silence was written and performed by Gemma Mclean-Mare and Abbie Tickle.
The Bards: Ered Rada- This is my Goodbye
2021 Jul 144m 51s
Ered Rada played by Connor Hodgson.   More of Connor's tracks can be found with his band: JC and the Twosteps @ http://jcandthetwosteps.co.uk/   JC and the Twosteps are available for bookings!!!
Episode 12: The Row of Rigid Spears- Constable Luca/Jiloat Levis
2021 Jul 0735m 5s
Contact us: TheTalesofSadaEmedu@Gmail.Com Here we meet Constable Luca and Zafar as they investigate the scene of some grizzly murders. We also re-join Jiloat and Scurlott as they try to unwind at The Row.
Bonus Content: Q&A - Behind the Scenes
2021 Jun 2942m 45s
We answer audience questions about the podcast!
Episode 11: The Guard Commander- Commander Vine
2021 Jun 2339m 16s
Contact us at TheTalesofSadaEmedu@Gmail.com
Episode 10: The Docks - Matthias Alaric/Jyce Innacio
2021 Jun 1533m 11s
Contact us at: TheTalesofSadaEmedu@gmail.com Here we meet Matthias Alaric again, as he interrogates young Mieszko for information on behalf of the Lightfoot Family. We also hear from Coalition of Printers and are made privy to the significant differences in organisational vision, within.   -Written and produced by Kier Zhou