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There is a country beyond that which is known to humankind. A stray country. A country that exists west of October. Whose borders are somewhere between midnight train whistles and the distant howl of a dog. A country that lies somewhere in the stitched and jittering static between radio stations. A country that drifts through America like a traveling salesman, but every now and then stops to nest on a small town. A small church. A single street. And maybe, just maybe, some kinda delayed radio broadcast you've stuffed in your ears . . . STRAY COUNTRY is a fiction podcast. Original Novels. Delivered chapter by chapter. Come to the Country - www.straycountry.com. If you'd like to support the podcast consider leaving a rating, sharing it on social media/with a friend, or visiting my Patreon page https://www.patreon.com/nikkiink See you in the Country . . .


Stray Country - Season 1 - A Carousel For Pigs - Chapter 10
2021 Jul 2319m 26s
In 1981 the Federal Trade Commission of the United States issued a report to the American Congress that concluded health warning labels had little effect on public knowledge and attitudes about smoking.  As a result Congress enacted the Comprehensive Smoking Education Act of 1984, which required four specific health warnings on all cigarette packages and advertisements.
Stray Country - Season 1 - A Carousel For Pigs - Chapter 9
2021 Jul 1612m 54s
We've reached the part of the story where it may be time to ask yourself, perhaps it's time to consider the origin of the white plastic grocery sack. What it is. And how it got here.
Stray Country - Season 1 - A Carousel For Pigs - Chapter 7
2021 Jul 029m 52s
Only one day ago, there was a stray corner of Stray Country kept hemmed in by a retired seamstress on Eastmoor rd.
Stray Country - Season 1 - A Carousel For Pigs - Chapter 6
2021 Jun 2517m 31s
There is a man in this tale who is never named. A man simply called by a singular title, same as Prophet, Priest or King.
Stray Country - Season 1 - A Carousel For Pigs - Chapter 5
2021 Jun 1818m 31s
There is a building not far from your home.  A squatty, ugly building.  Expansive.  Long.  But small, in the eyes of the world.  Of little historical consequence.  It will have no historian.  No lengthy narration.  No bound and shelved chronicle.  Someday, it will be torn down and built anew.  After which it will exist in the memories of those who were unlucky enough to have passed through it, until the bodies that hold those memories are eaten by worms or shut up in a furnace.  It is a building that haunts folks no matter how far they run from it.  No matter how many years they put between themselves and it.  A building that does as much to shape a kid as a rigid church, a broken home, a drunken father.
Stray Country - Season 1 - A Carousel For Pigs - Chapter 3
2021 Jun 0316m 41s
Marlboro Country.  Stray Country.  Two countries that share a common border.  Spend enough time in one, and you're likely to find the other.  One exists in the semi-gloss pages of 1950s American magazines, a country once stumbled upon by accident, waiting in a dentist office or driving past a billboard at the side of a freeway.  The other is similarly a country entered by pure chance.
Stray Country - Season 1 - A Carousel For Pigs - Chapter 2
2021 May 2727m 19s
Halloween night.  Four hours from November.  Jack-o'-lanterns flicker on porches.  Leaves fall from the trees.  The street is washed in all the milk colors of the moon.  And the trick or treaters have thinned to nothing.
Stray Country - Season 1 - A Carousel For Pigs - Chapter 1
2021 May 2018m 58s
Old Lady Brogan dies on Halloween trying to light her cigarette.  A cigarette clutched in the mad conquistador grip of a dying woman all Halloween day.  Turning a simple Marlboro Red into some kind of backwards and badly-spoiled relic.