Swarnali Bhattacharjee
  • Swarnali Bhattacharjee
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The podcast will give you a way to discover yourself in a creative way and also throw light on facts. 😊


Is Stalking Romantic?
2021 Jun 063m 18s
The episode tries to throw light on the fact how the Indian films and specially Bollywood has turned stalking as the ultimate base for a romantic relationship.
The thirst for love
2020 Dec 291m
When you can't define your love, when you can't understand his or her love for you, when you suffer from a mixed feeling, when your love become both the problem and solution for you........ You faced this things then yes this mixed feeling episode is only for you.
2020 Sep 262m 6s
Zindegi mai hum harwakt kisi nah Kisi k talash mai rehtye hai, or jab wo talash khatam hojati hai, toh hum us insan ki kadar nhi kartye.. Usi par hi adharit hai meri ye kawita.
Thoughts of a writer
2020 Sep 091m 56s
Here I have try to discuss the thoughts a writer has while writing. The bunch of confusion the writer go through to meet his or her perfect character. And the pressure the writer faces from higher authorities. Hope you can relate😊
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