Real talk with Trishh 🥰
  • Real talk with Trishh 🥰
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Topics in the city and what goes on in everyone’s day to day life.


Guilty pleasures
2021 Feb 054m 46s
Turn ons ❗️😩
About my hobbies
2021 Feb 052m 19s
Things I love to do.
Continuation of being fake woke
2021 Jan 1047s
No one wants to speak on anything that involves change
Being fake woke.
2021 Jan 103m 37s
People not choosin to speak on things that take place in the world
The fakeness of pro black movement
2021 Jan 104m 24s
How they treat us differently and pretend they care when they don’t.
Black on black crime.
2021 Jan 104m 14s
My opinion on black on black crime it needs to stop ✋
Opinion on self esteem
2021 Jan 102m 29s
Just my viewpoint on self esteem
Relationships and commitment
2021 Jan 024m 5s
My viewpoint on relationship and commitment.
Customer service in the city
2021 Jan 023m 24s
Equality, communicating and being nice and more welcoming.
Topic on 3 sides to a story
2020 Dec 317m 16s
Communication, taking accountability and telling the truth