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Our aim for this podcast is to go behind the scenes to explore the concepts of filmmaking as a whole, developing personal opinions and having a laugh along the way. Young Irish Film Makers (YIFM) is the national film, animation and digital media organisation for young people across Ireland. Our mission is to make filmmaking and animation accessible to all young people.


Young Critics Podcast - What's a Classic?
2021 May 2122m 5s
Jamie Waddell, Alannah Brent and Colum Culleton discuss what it means for a film to be deemed a classic movie, does the Oscars do a good job of predicting them and are there any modern films that might have the legs to go the distance.
Wolfwalkers and Princess Mononoke: Review and Comparison
2021 May 0724m 56s
In this episode, Emma, Alannah and Colum discuss similarities and differences between Studio Ghibli's 'Princess Mononoke' and Cartoon Saloon's Oscar nominated animation 'Wolfwalkers'. With myth and magic featuring prominently in both, the critics consider the symbolism and morality of the films, how much these aspects are influenced by cultural background, and to what extent they are shared, bridging the distance between Japan and Ireland.
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