Dopee Conversations
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This podcast captures a person or people in living in their purpose with this intent to inspiring listeners find and connect with their why and leave the safety net and pursue their dreams or just live


S1. Ep. 22 - Dopee Conversation - Pierre Sims
2021 May 191h 7m 16s
Join us today for the first interview of 2021. We are starting it off with purpose. Today's guest is Mr. Pierre Sims. Born and raised in Little Rock AR., He's a prior US Airforce medic, and semi pro rugby played. Now a model, actor, clothing line business owner. He's made appearances on "Growing up hip hop Atlanta", produced, starred and directed in conflicted web series, appeared in numerous short films, theatrical performances at Spirit of Oakland, and most recently a cameo in hip hop artist 2 Chainz music video.
S1. Ep. 21 - Dopee Conversations Wellness Panel - Dr. K, Mrs. Suzette, Mrs.Fenixx Simone, Lamanda Blackman and Ivori Marie
2021 May 191h 32m 43s
Today's rescheduled interview was a must!!! Join us tonight 630pm EST/530pm CST for a life "Shifting" conversation with a group of queens that are creating wellness with a lasting purpose. Don't miss out on a chance to be introduced to this one of a kind collaboration of creative, inspiring, and elevated health and wellness coaches. We will connect you with their mission, goals, and purpose with the hopes to change your life!!
S1. Ep. 20 - Dopee Conversations - Rodney Green
2021 May 191h 13m 31s
Join us today for a MUST see interview with Mr. Rodney Green. A product of San Antonio Texas, Mr. Green is setting goals and crushing them in his own back yard. For the past 12 year he has become one of the top real estate agents in the southwest, successful traders in the stock market, part owner of trucking business, the host of a "boxing 411" podcast, and most importantly, proud FATHER of 2 young Kings
S1. Ep. 19 - Dopee Conversation - LaVondra Mosley
2021 May 191h 5m 21s
LaVondra Mosley
S1. Ep. 18 - Dopee Conversations - Mr. Marrekus Wilkes
2021 May 1950m 20s
Mr. Marrekus Wilkes. Born and raised in Memphis TN. For the past 19 years he's served in the United States for Air Force 19 years as a Joint Battlefield Spectrum Manager. Is a true family man. Together he and his wife Krysten have 6 kids one of which is special needs. They co-run run the family business Cooks With Soul. They specialize in recipe development, food blogging, and food photography. They also have our own custom spice blends that are handmade to order available on our website The goal for their business is to make recipes and content that allow the everyday home cook to feel like a gourmet chef. "Food really is a passion of mine, and I have been cooking since my mom started teaching me when I was about 9-10 years old." His plans are to retire from military in 2022 and focus 100% on our business. I am looking at starting a food trailer or truck as well as doing in home personal chef cooking and pop up kitchens.
S1. Ep. 17 - Dopee Conversations - Sherlonda Sharps
2021 May 1950m 20s
Sherlonda Sharps originally from Annapolis, MD has been in the Air Force for almost 21 years, she entered the Air Force as a 2S0 Supply troop and retrained 3 years later to Comm, a 3D0X2 whose career field has undergone multiple changes throughout her career. Her Air Forceversary is November 24th. She has been dubbed by her troops at multiple assignments as “Momma Bear” and even though she doesn’t share that name at each assignment somehow one of them gives it to her again. She is family oriented, so she believes this is where the moniker comes from. She has 2 children Son Shamon 18 and daughter ShaMiya 9. Everything she does is for them. She recently started a business during. Her ultimate goal is to be a business consultant, women’s empowerment speaker, and overall business mogul. Right now, she is currently producing journals. She’s found that during the pandemic journaling and writing has helped her stay focused and grounded and decided to share her love of that with the world. Her store is expected to open soon for holiday shopping.
S1. Ep. 16 - Dopee Conversations - Todd Simmons
2021 Apr 2058m 28s
Todd Simmons is a Business Coach, Leadership Expert, and the Founder and President of Courageous Leadership Alliance. He served 25 years in the U.S. Air Force nurturing & developing the leaders of tomorrow. As a seasoned educator & business leader, Todd strives to build a coalition of change agents sharing a common aim for building a society of courageous leaders. He shares an incredible passion for helping the community and loves helping individuals in their pursuit of happiness & success. Todd’s greatest source of inspiration comes from witnessing ordinary people achieve extraordinary goals.
S1. Ep. 15 - Dopee Conversations - Laurent & Amber Bailey
2021 Apr 201h 3m 53s
Dubbed a "Power Couple" by many friends, Laurent and Amber Bailey. Both active duty Air Force and have 45 years of combined Active Duty service between the both of them. While both being retirement eligible, they knew that there had to be more that could be done to help establish a financial legacy for their family. Real estate and the insurance industry as desired fields of pursuit, they established two businesses. One, Primetime Property Solutions and independent marketing insurance agents and the rest is history.
S1. Ep. 14 - Dopee Conversations - Attorney Artessia “Tess” House
2021 Apr 201h 10m 46s
Attorney Artessia “Tess” House manages Tess House Law, PLLC in San Antonio, Texas. Tess House Law, PLLC’s mission is to speak for those unable to speak from themselves. The firm represents victims in federal civil rights cases. On the local level, the firm represents children and parents in suits filed by the government and private family law matters.
S1. Ep. 13 - Dopee Conversations w Kameron Brewer
2021 Apr 201h 11m 48s
With an educational background in Industrial Engineering and music, Kameron Brewer has a rare combination of intelligence, talent, creativity, and determination. Not only does he serve as a Process Improvement Manager for a communications company, but he is also a music composer and producer in Atlanta, GA.