Triangles and Squares
  • Rob Moses
9 episodes
Professional photographer & amateur filmmaker Rob Moses finds interesting artists to interview. Art, artists & photography are a loose focus. * New episodes posted every Tuesday.


Episode 9 - Update
2012 Nov 222m 50s
Just a quick update on why there has been a break in the podcast and what is to come.
Episode 8 - Kain Shannon
2012 Oct 0225m 16s
A chat with Canadian wildlife painter Kain Shannon.
Episode 7 - Photography Entertainment
2012 Sep 2510m 56s
Photography entertainment chat. Ended up talking about my favorite photography show, Digital Rev TV, flickr and Instagram.
Episode 6 - Rob Talks Photography
2012 Sep 1811m
Once again my interview for this week fell apart. So in the place of an interview is me (Rob) giving a bit of advice on what camera & lens to buy if your just getting into photography. Heavy on the 50mm talk ;) A bit of 50 vs 50.
Episode 5 - DJ illikon
2012 Sep 1122m 5s
Talking with Vancouver's DJ illikon about his music and the life of a DJ/Producer. I was in a bit of a wierd mood on this episode so it got a little ruff around the edges haha.
Episode 4 - Jeremy Tinder
2012 Sep 0717m 35s
A nice little chat with Chicago artist, writer and teacher Jeremy Tinder. He's a great artist, got some up coming shows and has his own toy line coming out! Take a listen and see what's up with Jeremy Tinder.
Episode 3 - Banff Fail
2012 Sep 044m 36s
A trip to Banff Alberta, Canada in search of an interview doesn't go so well.
Episode 2 - David Karnowski
2012 Aug 2721m 19s
In episode 2 I talk with photographer and filmmaker David Karnowski about his move to San Francisco and what he's upto in photography and film.
Triangles and Squares - Episode 1
2012 Aug 2018m 16s
For the first episode of Triangles and Squares I interview Toronto & New York City hip hop artist Mr. Blackman.
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