• Tarisai Dahwa
8 episodes
2 Dahwa sisters discussing anything and everything we find interesting.


Let’s Talk Therapy Sessions!!
2021 May 2318m 30s
We dive into our personal experiences with therapy and talk about some of the positives and negatives we noticed.
Women and Zimbabwean Culture
2021 Apr 1822m 9s
We dive into our opinions on the impact society and culture have on women in Zimbabwe.
Spotlight Effect! 🔦
2021 Apr 1114m 53s
Diving into our understanding/personal experiences of the spotlight effect
What if you had 24hrs left to live?
2021 Mar 2820m 50s
With 24hrs left to live, what would you choose to spend your time doing? - here’s what we would do...
Let’s Talk Mental Health
2021 Mar 2118m 29s
We dive into contrasting cultural perceptions of mental health while giving some insight on our personal experiences
Cancel Culture C-yndrome
2021 Mar 1415m 47s
We dive into Cancel Culture as we know it, and unpack some of the ripple effects. Are we perhaps overdoing it?
5am Club, yay or nay?
2021 Mar 0714m 10s
Our first actual episode! We dive into one of our favorite books “The 5am Club” by Robin Sharma and share our thoughts and feelings about it!
2-DA-Forum Intro
2021 Feb 282m 18s
Our very first episode! Excited for this journey. Thank you for listening and feel free to share!!
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