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  • Jessica G Ruiz
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Ask questions, let's talk about entrepreneurship, personal accomplishments, share your stories of success, how did you overcome life-changing experiences such as homelessness, imprisonments, financial loss, Divorce, fitness goals, and more. Lets talk, Send your voice recorded comment, request, and questions.


Set specific goals based on measurable metrics.
2021 Jun 2815m 37s
To set clear and measurable goals, you must understand the key performance indicators that drive your business and focus, then choose the metrics that best suit your business model and goals.
Make yourself happy
2021 May 084m 59s
Take responsibility of your own happiness -
2021 May 047m 41s
Make Fitness work for you.
Till death do us part .... Or not
2021 May 0413m 17s
Doing it all over again
J.O.B and Entrepreneurship
2021 May 0427m 23s
How to use a J.O.B to grow and drive your business
Surving retail
2021 Mar 2323m 50s
Insight into the retail world and its cutthroat politics.