Black Girls vs. The Bachelor
  • A and B
3 episodes
Give Black girls their roses! Alexa P. and Beatrice G. use The Bachelor to reclaim their good n' Black time.


Ep. 3: We See Dead People
2021 Jan 2557m 18s
What do the Hollywood Medium, Clare Getting Dumped, and Bernie's Mittens have in common? Absolutely nothing.... We make it work, though.
Ep. 2: What if The Bachelor Was a Murder Documentary?
2021 Jan 1854m 32s
Murder, Daddy Issues, and Dustin Hoffman... Alexa and Beatrice try to stay on track while discussing the second episode of The Bachelor.
Ep. 1: First Impressions
2021 Jan 1255m 18s
Alexa P. and Beatrice G. discuss the first episode of The Bachelor, create a plot to seduce Chris Harrison, and scam their way into getting the final rose.
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