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It is time that someone stands up and defend the Men & Women in blue. It is time that we change this false narrative around, that all black men are the targets of white police officers. It is now time that we hear the truth from a Black Male Police Officer’s Perspective. “We will not defund the police, but we will stand up and defend the police.”


Critical Race Theory: Does This Impact the Law Enforcement Community? (Part II)
2021 Aug 0330m 19s
During this episode, I wanted to focus on the adults, as we are also becoming indoctrinated by this CRT Malarky. In the last episode, I focused on our students and how CRT affects them as a whole. I wanted to bring good information as well as some articles that I read regarding how people on the left within government are now forcing the law enforcement community to undergo CRT training. These lawmakers are now introducing legislation that would force the Men & Women in blue to be lectured in a training environment, and even visit African American Museums so that they can get a taste or insight into black culture. America again I say we have to STAND UP, PUSH BACK, AND FIGHT BACK and save our country. Please enjoy this episode. Also, like, subscribe, and share with your friends and family. God Bless you America!
Critical Race Theory: Does This Impact the Law Enforcement Community?
2021 Jul 3030m 23s
Critical Race Theory is the latest buzz words that are being broadcasted across the United States of America. This false and unproven narrative has infiltrated our public school systems and who is to blame? The people on the left are currently occupying our government seats. Our nation's government has been hijacked by a bunch of evil people who want to see it destroyed using race war logic! I will not standby and watch our great nation go down at the hands of the left. I will not sit back and watch our children's lives destroyed. I will definitely not sit back and watch my great profession belittled and destroyed. It is time to stand up and fight. I know you will enjoy this episode. Please stay tuned for Part II of Critical Race Theory. Thanks to all of my listeners!!
How Do I Become A Police Officer?
2021 Jul 1530m 17s
I get this question asked to me quite often, How Do I Become A Police Officer? So I thought why not enlighten my listeners. Keep in mind the hiring process will vary from one police agency to the next. What will also vary is the state requirements set forth by the legislators. During this episode, you will be given the basic requirements on what you will need to do in order to become a police officer. Oh, wait I forgot one thing! Please make sure that you dress appropriately for every stage of the hiring process preferably wear a suit & tie. I really hope you enjoy this episode. Until next time Reach, one Teach one.
Breaking Down The Roles of Different Law Enforcement Entities
2021 Jun 2230m 20s
Host Antoine Thomas will be breaking down the roles of the different law enforcement agencies beginning at the local level of government. You probably have wondered for a long time what is the difference between a city police officer, sheriff's deputy, or highway patrolman? Well, wonder no more! You will leave this episode with a better knowledge of how each entity works, how much authority and jurisdiction these roles are given by the state constitution. Officer Thomas's goal is to always reach one and teach one by bringing sound advice and factual information. Please sit back in your recliner and get comfortable if you are listening to this podcast from the confinements of your home. Buckle up your seatbelt and drive safely if you are listening to this podcast while you are on the move in your car. Come into this show with an open set of ears and with an open mind. Enjoy as always!
Becoming a Police Officer is a Calling.
2021 Apr 292m 51s
I wanted to briefly let you into my show. I want you to hear what to expect when you are tuning in. This will be a clean but true show. Please come with open ears and a open mind!
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