The Couch Conversation Pod
  • Sharon
10 episodes
I sit down with friends, families and even strangers to have those ‘uncomfortable’ conversations on a comfortable couch. From Faith, to Sexuality, Finding your path and even Relationships -all unfiltered!


Being Single, Waiting and the Fear of Getting Married 😬
2021 Jul 2420m 5s
This episode is for all Christian Singles on how to wait on the Lord and thrive with Faith. I also shared how I only wanted to get married for the sex and babies...
Sharing why we cried on our 27/30th birthday; and how to deal with birthday sadness
2021 Jul 0313m 27s
My good friend (Nene) and I sat down to talk about the disappointment in turning 27 and 30 this year. Why we cried on our birthdays and how to handle your next birthday sadness like a boss queen.
When your Favorite Ex Moves On...
2021 Jun 2613m 57s
Today as I’m under the covers and thinking about the whole week, I decided to be honest and have a conversation of what happens when your favorite ex moves on! Then chatted a little bit about match-making and drunk men!!
“After this, I have a new level of empathy for Rape victims and Gays” -answering Questions from You
2021 Jun 1215m 44s
Today I sat down for a solo episode to have a conversation with you... mainly answering your questions and being confused at the end. I hope you enjoy this
‘Christian Boys are Horny too?’ -a Couch Conversation with a Christian Boy
2021 May 2917m 56s
This episode answered a question I had in my head for a while at the beginning of my Christian journey!! “Do Christian boys want sex too?” -So I asked a fellow Christian boy and I also shared a lesson from a mistake that ruined two Prospective Christian relationships for me!! Enjoyyy
“At 16, I hated my Dad” -From a Sanguine Child to a Melancholic Adult.
2021 May 2318m 24s
Sat down with a close friend to have an intimate conversation on how her father traumatized her as a kid and the effect of it as an adult. I kinda cried at the end of this episode... all the laughs were faked!
3 abortions, Gossips, How God stopped my Breakup and Islam views!!
2021 May 1822m 37s
This week I rant about... How God is saving my relationship, dealing with Slander as a Christian and my conversation with a Muslim about the difference to Christianity... You’ll be shocked!
Teen went missing after revealing She’s depressed to me..
2021 May 0916m 7s
Sat down with a teenager for this episode to talk about depression, oppression and growing up in a Nigerian home. Shortly after this episode, she left home 🥺
‘If this was our last conversation.. what will we say to each other?’
2021 May 0116m 19s
Today I sat down with one of my closest friends have one of those uncomfortable conversations on our insecurities, how our friendship deepens and how we are changing each others lives.
Falling in love with YOU; No need to masturbate!
2021 Apr 3020m 7s
This episode was recorded after the best 2weeks of my life. I couldn’t remember ever being as happy as I was then. So I did some investigation then shared the secrets with you guys.
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