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Talking with Kaleb about new and old tech in 2019 and 2020, and the end of the world.
2020 Apr 0134m 20s
In this episode me and Kaleb talk about the new tech of 2020 and 2019 and our view on the end of the world.
Talking with YouTuber Meme Mafia about the gaming community, and movies.
2020 Mar 3119m 14s
In this episode me and special guest: YouTuber, Meme Mafia, talk about our views on the video game community
Having a conversation about the Covid-19 quarantine
2020 Mar 3025m 7s
Me and Maddy talk about the quarantine and it’s effects on us as people
Talking about a band called Bonelang and a conversation about our spiritual encounters.
2020 Mar 3024m 22s
In this episode we talk about a band and our spiritual experiences.
Covid-19 info
2020 Mar 301m 47s
In this very short and first episode I explain the Coronaviris
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