I'll tell you when you're older
  • Breanna L Northup
3 episodes
Translating grown up challenges to child friendly conversations Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/brea-northup/support


Co-Parenting with a Narcissist Season 1 Episode 2
2021 May 0742m 52s
Welcome back! In this episode we talk some about talking to your children and helping them navigate having a narcissistic parent. Co-parenting with a suspected narcissist is extremely challenging as an adult, so for children, it requires so much more effort from the other parent to help them maintain a healthy psyche.
Switching Houses Ep1 S1
2021 Apr 1922m 9s
In this first episode I speak broadly on the struggles of explaining why kids have to switch houses. It is answer that I don't love, but have to keep vague to best protect my boys from the grown up explanations they aren't ready to hear. The hardest part of podcasting is getting started and getting your rhythm... so be patient with me.
Trailer: I'll tell you when you're older
2021 Apr 083m 15s
My name is Brea and I am the host of I'll tell you when you're older! This podcast is going to be a raw and honest look at adult life; adult situations, relationships, obstacles, and how to go about explaining this in a kid friendly manner. My hope is to make everyone listening feel less alone in life while facing adulthood with little ones in tow.
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